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Breaking News         Butler County KC (2)     09/21/2014     Best In Show Judge: Gloria Kerr     Best In Show: GCH Cypress Bay's Big Sur     Chesapeake Virginia Dog Fanciers Association (2)     09/21/2014     Best In Show Judge: Charlotte Clem McGowan     Best In Show: GCH Shaireab's Bayleigh Maid Of Honor     Jefferson County KC Of Missouri     09/21/2014     Best In Show Judge: Elizabeth Muthard     Best In Show: GCH Ironwood's Paparrazi     West Volusia KC (2)     09/21/2014     Best In Show Judge: Sheila Smith     Best In Show: GCH Goldleaf's Trouble Coming CGC     Arapahoe KC (2)     09/21/2014     Best In Show Judge: Tomas Gomez     Best In Show: GCH Thunderhill's Apple Bottom Jeans     Dog’s Hair Gives Quick Cushing’s Diagnosis Wally Bell Hits the Road with the Securus SpotLite 2.0 GPS Pet Tracker Attention Breeder/Owner Handlers – Dreams Can Come True So How Does a Breed Become AKC Recognized? National Carriage Dog Trials encourage Dalmatian enthusiasts to have a go


Lehigh Valley KC

Lehigh Valley KC


Somerset Hills KC



September 21, 2014
Butler County KC (2)

September 21, 2014
Chesapeake Virginia Dog Fanciers Association (2)

September 21, 2014
Jefferson County KC Of Missouri

September 21, 2014
West Volusia KC (2)

September 21, 2014
Arapahoe KC (2)

September 21, 2014
Gig Harbor KC (2)

September 21, 2014
Helena Montana KC (2)

September 21, 2014
KC Of Columbus, Indiana (2)

September 21, 2014
Northwestern Connecticut DC

September 21, 2014
Sheboygan KC (2)


September 15, 2014
AKC Announces Lifetime Achievement Award Finalists

September 10, 2014
AKC Canine Health Foundation Announces Susan M. Lilly as New CEO

September 09, 2014
Farmers Insurance and Pets Best Agreement Extends Coverage to All Members of the Family

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The Back Story

Good Question! AKC established the AKC Foundation Stock Service® (AKC FSS®) in 1995 as a recording service for individuals and breed clubs to maintain the registration and pedigree information for breeds not currently recognized by AKC. Over the years, working with the...
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A surprisingly large number of dogs suffer from hyperadrenocorticism. The symptoms are caused by excessive amounts of hormones – glucocorticoids – in the body. Unfortunately, though, diagnosis of the disease is complicated by the fact that glucocorticoid levels naturally fluctuate and most...
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Wally Bell loves the long dog days at the end of summer. Summertime means road trips and lazy walks by the sea, romps in the park and a host of other happy shenanigans, all of which he enthusiastically partakes in. There have been times however, when in his exuberance he has forgotten that a critical Continue Reading