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Breaking News         Beaver County KC     08/01/2015     Best In Show Judge: Mrs. Karen C. Wilson     Best In Show: GCH Hipoint Here Comes The Sun     Bismarck KC     08/01/2015     Best In Show Judge: Mr. Wayne Morris Thompson     Best In Show: Coal Dust Love That Lady In Red CM     Bismarck KC (2)     08/01/2015     Best In Show Judge: Mr. Jon R Cole     Best In Show: GCH Hallmark Jolei Rocket Power     Crab Orchard KC     08/01/2015     Best In Show Judge: Mr. Brian Meyer     Best In Show: GCH Dawin Reigate Fire Away     Hunterdon Hills KC     08/01/2015     Best In Show Judge: Terry Stacy     Best In Show: CH Teritails Loyal Knight     “I Thought it Was Just a Little Limp.” When a Diagnosis of Lameness Leads to Something More Concerning… Celebrating the “Great American Cocker” in St. Louis Dog Trip to Southern France, September, 2015 The End of a 70 Year Love Affair? Fox Sports and Westminster KC to Bring Annual Dog Show to Fox Sports 1 and Nat Geo


Piedmont KC

Crufts 2015


ASC Cocker National



August 01, 2015
Beaver County KC

August 01, 2015
Bismarck KC

August 01, 2015
Bismarck KC (2)

August 01, 2015
Crab Orchard KC

August 01, 2015
Hunterdon Hills KC

August 01, 2015
Metairie KC (2)

August 01, 2015
Pioneer Valley KC

August 01, 2015
Richmond DFA

August 01, 2015
Roanoke KC (2)

July 31, 2015
Columbiana County KC


July 29, 2015
Fox Sports and Westminster KC to Bring Annual Dog Show to Fox Sports 1 and Nat Geo

July 29, 2015
City of Whittier, CA to Consider Mandatory/Spay Neuter Policy – August 11

July 27, 2015
VetStem Biopharma and Animal Hospital Announce Partnership

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The Back Story

The Great American Cocker was the theme for the American Spaniel Club National Specialty Show, held at Purina Farms, Missouri, in mid-July! The four-day cocker entry was up in in all venues; conformation, obedience, rally, hunt tests, a tracking match and agility....
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“The South of France, a Glass of Wine and…DOGS!” For some, the ISO dog trip this September will be the highlight of their year, for others it’s the bucket list trip of a lifetime! See: http://origins.case.edu/pyrenees/ Imagine if we could go back...
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The Queen has had rather a rough time of it in the press recently, what with the publication of ‘those pictures’ in one of the tabloids the other week. Sadly the furore caused by that completely overshadowed a rather touching and sad...
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A couple recent social media commentaries have brought to the forefront what would seem a pretty basic question. What is more important? Best of Breed or All-Breed Competition? This isn’t even a chicken and the egg controversy. You literally cannot have one...
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Duffy’s owners noted he was limping on his right front leg a few weeks ago. They didn’t give it much consideration at the time. It wasn’t unusual for this handsome and active 9 year-old Golden retriever to tweak a muscle once in a while, and after a few days of rest and prescription anti-inflammatory medication, Continue Reading