As exhibitors, we are always in search of the best products for our dogs, the products that work “magic” and really make our dogs stand out in the show ring. I have found a product that I believe should be in every exhibitor’s tack box, and a couple of others to compliment it. But don’t take just my word for it. Exhibitors and handlers such as Kelly Fitzgerald, Linda Pitts and Clint Livingston use this product also and are overjoyed with the results. Their Multiple Best In Show winning dogs demonstrate that this product works! 

If that still is not enough to tell you how well this product works, take a look at the grooming set up at the Hotel Pennsylvania during Westminster week. Exquisite! Immaculate! State of the art! Why? Because of one exhibitor, Judy Davis, and her pH balanced, veterinarian approved, and of course animal safe grooming products. What am I talking about? What is this miracle product that will change the way you groom? 

First (1st) In Line Pet products, more specifically Snow White Whitening spray is the key, the magic, the solution to glistening white coats! Let me tell you another secret: this product line is NOT just for dogs! 

A little about my background first. I am a second generation breeder/exhibitor and although I technically have been active in this sport a lifetime, I have been showing dogs for nearly 20 years. I have worked for dog handlers, kennels, and groomers. You name it, and I have done it. 

I have also shown horses nearly as long as the dogs. Several years ago, I apprenticed under a renowned halter horse trainer, assisting with daily preparations of world champion show horses in addition to attending shows. 

I currently actively show my Boston Terriers as well as my Pug. While they are short haired breeds, they are just as susceptible to staining as coated varieties. In addition to the shorter hair, the products are much closer to the animal’s skin. Not only do the products need to be safe for hair, but skin as well. 

The 1st In Line’s 1st Impression shampoo is safe for both coat and skin, and I finish off show baths with the 1st Satin conditioner- to be left in or rinsed out depending on the level of coat treatment to be provided. The  Whitening Spray works best after bathing as well and continuously as often as needed to help maintain a glistening white coat. 

These products are also safe for horses as well. Any equestrian knows how difficult it can be to make those white socks glistening white or that palomino mane sparkle. Apply the spray, and brush or wipe off. The stains and blemishes vanish! Your scrubbing time has just been cut in half! Use as often as you like as the product works best after multiple uses. The 1st Class Shampoo & 1st Silk Conditioner on the main, tail and body of your horses. One additional perk I like is I can purchase my dog AND horse product from the same place. If you prefer shipped products, another bonus: one shipping fee for ALL of your grooming products to arrive from ONE location. 

Another additive I like about these products is that they don’t change the texture of the coat. Use as much or as little as you want without working about coat texture in your coated breeds or mains and tails on your horses. No need for additional products to correct texture. 

If you visit 1st In Line’s website, you have the option to click on links to view grooming tips. Judy shares tips on how to be successful with the products as well as problem specific tips and how to be successful in the ring. If that is not enough, she is on hand to assist you and answer any questions you may have. 

Any product that works successfully definitely helps any exhibitor stand out in the show ring and have the upper hand on the competition. Whether dogs or horses, having products that not only help your animal’s skin and coat but cut grooming time in half definitely makes your grooming process much easier. Like I said, don’t just take my word for it. Be like the pros, and use the products they use because they work. For more information about 1st In Line’s products visit Don’t forget to tell them Jess at BISD sent you!