It’s January with more winter to go. This week, the Krew investigates rain gear; warm dog coats; healthy “stick-to-your ribs, maintain your New Year’s resolutions smoothies; and scatter rugs that keep the Wintery mess contained. As always, neither Best In Show Daily or the Krew are compensated for the reviews. Make sure to read to the end for fun announcements and special offers. You never know what will pop-up.

Dav Rain ($59.00 and up)

Dav Rain Boots in Pink

problem: cold, rainy, snowy, muddy weather at Winter shows. It’s early in the year and all of our show mornings are very cold and usually involve some kind of winter weather: rain, snow, sleet or mud. Now I know everyone loves their Uggs, but they do get dirty fast.

solution: däv rain boots
For the past two years, I haven’t stepped onto a show site without my däv rain boots. They have the coolest & cutest selection of rain boots you will ever come across. Their weatherproof collections are always being updated with new colors, heights & styles. This year, they released ombre harness boots,moccasins, trendy tweeds and the English riding boot. Psst! Insider Tip: the low boots have textured bottoms to prevent slipping, signature whisper-soft fleece lining for warmth and a supportive insole. These boots are functional, easy-to-clean with a simple rinse. The Krew’s Collection includes a pair of black and a pair of pink houndstooth English riding boots. But, hands down, the show stopping style is the weather cowboy rain boots. Incredibly comfortable, knee high, with a zipper on one side and a slight heel, everyone stops to ask my resource for them. Now you all know!.

For extra warmth, there are also matching over-the-knee Chenille Socks! The look is snuggly warm and appealing. If you, like the Krew, need to battle the elements over stormy Winters and unpredictable Springs, these are the boots for you.

Comfort by Design ($25.00-$35.00)

Comfort By Design Winter Coat

Problem: attractive, warm dog jackets that are easy to put on/take off

Solution: Comfort by Design Velcro Jackets
While at the Arizona Clusters, I purchased a Comfort by Design winter dog coat for my youngest. Hand made by the designers Sharon & Rita, the jackets come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Easy to secure with Velcro closures on the side of the ribs and at the front of the chest. Psst! Insider Tip: Ultra-easy to keep clean: the double- thick fleece is machine washable and can be tumbled low or hung to dry.

Comfort by Design is at most of the West Coast shows. Drop by their booth to see their selection of coats; beautiful, ornate collars; crate covers; gorgeous luxurious faux fur comforters and Grooming Table Organizers – you know those fabulous table covers that drape down and over, two long hanging sides with a plenty of pockets and a heavy screen in between. Make sure to tell them Best In Show Daily’s Krew sent ya!

Oatworks ($3.65 ea)

oatworks Healthy Smoothies

Problem: we all took the pledge for healthier eating but it’s not as easy as it sounds on the road

Solution: Oatworks Smoothies
I am trying to eat healthier and adding more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to my diet. The Krew has made things this goal attainable by adding to our show coolers the oat-powered natural smoothie by Oatworks. this is a delicious, nutritional, healthy, bottled smoothie made from beta glucan, the soluble fiber of the oat and fruit. The super-powered smoothies come in Strawberry Banana (Strawberry Puree, Apple Juice from Concentrate, Pear Juice from Concentrate, Banana Puree), Peach Mango (Peach Puree, Apple Juice from, Concentrate, Pear Juice from Concentrate, Mango Puree), and our my favorite, Pomegranate Blueberry (Apple Juice from Concentrate, Pear Juice, from Concentrate, Raspberry Puree, Blueberry Puree, Pomegranate Juice from Concentrate). These are healthy too –fighting pesky free radicals, are packed with good-for-you antioxidants, full of healthy natural energy at only 170 calories each. Good chilled or at room temp. I have had one a day for the past week and I feel better knowing I am trending towards a healthier me.

Dormtique’s MyCustomPetMat ($28.00-$40.00)

Dormtiques Custom Pet Mat

Problem: boring mats everywhere

Solution: Dormtique’s fanciful custom mats for dog bowls, workouts, playtime
Dormitque has a line of personalized mats for all aspects of your home, workout, RV, children and even most importantly to the Krew, pets! The personalized yoga mats are sticky, textured, non-slip surfaced, extremely durable and latex-free. Baby mats have extra cushioning for floor playtime, create a clean surface when visiting friends or at dog shows, great for baby exercise classes, are washable, portable, and will do double-duty as a changing mat (we love double entendres). Place mats come in a variety of designs, in sets of four with matching coasters. , Catering to pet lovers of all persuasions, are custom embroidered pet mats that protect floors from food and water bowls. Available in bone or fish shapes, they come in a rainbow of colors, with three sizes. The mats are latex-free, free of heavy metals and can be personalized with their 100% rayon embroidery thread. Pssst! Insider Tip: the Krew likes “Talk to The Tail” for their embroidered mat. But you can also customize with your pets name and other fun stuff.

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