For the first time since I started shooting pictures professionally, I have encountered a technical difficulty. Let me just say, it was not fun! Of course it couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient time, and, in that moment, I have never felt more stressed. Thinking back on it, I’m sure any people watchers who noticed me must have thought I looked like a chicken with its head cut off.

The last image I managed to capture before my camera stopped functioning.

So here’s the story: I was taking photos during Groups at Santa Barbara Kennel Club day two. It’s by far the most picturesque day for Group photos. All of the other days, Groups are held either indoors or in an average ring setup. But on Sunday, they’re held in the arena area, where the Breeder’s Showcase event and dinner are also held, so you can imagine it is quite a special setup. (Hopefully you read my last DFR; if not you can see some photos here.)

Next thing I know, I try to shoot a photo, and nothing happens. Initially I thought my battery was dead, which would be odd because it usually lasts for an eternity. I thought I would change the battery and, “poof,” everything would be fixed. I thought wrong. After much panicked shuffling of one battery out, locating my backup, and loading it in, I realized my camera was reporting an error.

I gathered all of my stuff and rushed off to a less busy location where I could call for some technical support. Try I did, but it was Sunday, of course. Everything is closed on Sunday!

Long story short, my life was saved by a dear friend who actually lent me a camera body to shoot the remainder of the Groups. I ended up missing half of the Sporting Group and the majority of the Herding Group. This was a big bummer, but it could have been way worse. I could have missed Best in Show!

On a personal note, a number of the other pictures I did capture are some of my favorites of all time. Like this shot…

SBKC Day 2 Reserve Best in Show winner ‘Silly,’ GCh. Sharbelle Sihouette and handler Janet Lange.

So, the extension to my arm has been shipped off for some medical attention, and I hope to have it back real soon! Sorry to say, I had to get a rental for the time being because, not only do I have to get my picture fix, but I have shows to attend!

I am currently, simply said, a girl without her camera.

Nonetheless, Dogs Freakin’ Rule!