The first Siberian Husky to achieve ADCH and LAA Bronze.

When we choose our agility partner, there are many different breeds to choose from out there. For most of us, a Siberian Husky is not our first choice for an agility partner. Competitors who do choose a Sibe for their teammate are fortunate enough to not only get a free-spirited, independent thinker, but also a comedian.

Tracey Roth, from Southaven, MS was lucky enough to be owned by Kamikaze, a beautiful red and white female Siberian who was full of life and herself from the moment she came into Tracey’s family.

At the age for four, Tracey and Kazee became the sixth Siberian, and the youngest Siberian ever to earn the Agility Dog Champion title, jumping 22-inches her entire career. They needed a Standard run for the title, and got it Dec. 4, 2011 under judge Terry Smorch (who was also once owned by a Sibe.)

In 2014, Tracey and Kazee became the first Siberian in USDAA history to earn the metallic ADCh Bronze title on a Masters Pairs course with her long-time friend Meg Haviland and her Schnauzer, Dyson in Texas.

Tracey and Kazee qualified and competed at Cynosport in both 2013 and 2015 in Murfreesboro, TN. 2013 was their first time to compete at this prestigious event, and Kazee held nothing back. They just missed the cut-off to make it into the Steeplechase semi-finals by a little over one second, but had a fabulous run in Grand Prix, making the semi-finals there.

This past May, in the middle of a run, Kazee had a seizure. Quick thinking and immediate veterinary care helped Kazee recover, but left Tracey heartbroken with an undiagnosed, sudden onset seizure activity.

After several weeks of rest and rehab and Kazee adjusting to her medications, Tracey and Kazee were ready to try competition again. They had 149 Championship Q’s, and needed one more to earn their Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award. It wasn’t important to Tracey if they earned the title or not, her goal was to keep Kazee happy, and agility kept her both happy and healthy.

Fittingly, at the same club where they earned their ADCh , Tracey and Kazee earned a Q in PIII Jumpers under Judge Paul Stolzenburg, making Kazee the first Siberian in USDAA history to earn the LAA Bronze award. Tracey and Kazee tried a few more runs in Championship, but her condition slowed her down enough to not be able to earn another Championship Q.

Tracey and Kazee’s agility accomplishments are exceptional, but Kazee was also known for her silliness, especially for her “crate habitation” at shows. Their success was also filled with many moments of Siberian antics where Tracey would have to use her full name  “KAM III KAZEEEE” on course.

Unfortunately, Kazee has left us way too young, at just a little over nine-years-old. Wear your Grand Prix semi-finalist shirt with pride and know Kazee will always be with you. Our sympathies to Tracey and her family. We thank you for sharing your special girl with us.

Photo credits: Photo #2 (jump) by Ian Cuthbertson. All others by Tracey Roth