GCH CH Aberdeen’s Under the Influence

This year has evolved into a season of contrasts. In the five years Dog Show Poop has been bringing you the show scene, I do not remember any year in which we have had so many dogs posting multiple BIS so frequently. At the same time, I cannot recall a year in which I have seen so many first timers, rare breeds and underdogs taking home the top prize. This week is a good example.

The Nation’s Number One Dog, the Wire Fox Terrier, AfterAll Painting the Sky, continued her onslaught, going four for four in Los Angeles at the Angeles Canyon Kennel Club and Burbank Kennel Club shows. All four finals saw multiple BIS winners challenging Sky for the wins. Sky has 22 all-breed BIS in 41 final appearances. While I am not willing to call the race at such an early point in the year, one can’t ignore that Sky has opened a better than 10,000-point lead on her competitors.

One dog that is doing everything he can to keep up is the Portuguese Water Dog, GCH CH Claircreek Impression de Matisse. Matisse spent four days in Terre Haute IN this week and went home with four big rosettes from the Bloomington Kennel Club and Terre Haute Kennel Club. Matisse has had multiple BIS performances in three of the last four weeks, going three for four in North Carolina and four for four in Kansas before collecting the four wins in Indiana this week. The wins will put him in the Number Two Spot All Breeds, with 19 BIS in 34 finals.

I wrote here earlier about how infrequently we see an English Toy Spaniel win a BIS and how truly rare it is to see a Toy Spaniel win multiple BIS, but that`s just what the Blenheim & Prince Charles English Toy spaniel, GCH CH Loujons Backroads to Paris, did this week. Pari was in Fond du Lac WI for the hometown kennel club’s two shows this weekend. These were the first BIS of the year for Pari, who has been among the Top BP&C Toy Spaniels for the last four years.

I have an admitted soft spot for Otterhounds, the ultimate shaggy dog. It’s one of AKC’s at-risk breeds, ranking 168 out of the 175 breeds in the registry, with only a handful in the US. So I am delighted to report that the Otterhound, GCH CH Aberdeens Under The Influence, picked up his fifth BIS of the year at Saturday’s Medina Kennel Club show in Columbus OH.

So, all of you exhibitors who think you have no chance of winning, take heart. I’ve always said that only a fool goes hungry during a food fight. For spectators, come out and see some of the extraordinary dogs we have out this season. This is a year for collecting memories. And that’s today’s Back Story.