AM/DK/H/BIH/SCG/A/LUX CH Chervood Snowsun, Disqualified at Crufts 2012

As regular readers of Dog Show Poop know, I pretty much confine myself to being a cheerleader for AKC dog shows. I don’t usually get embroiled in legislative issues (although I have a background in such) as I think there are others out there that do a better job than I. However, I can be prompted to bring out my soapbox from time to time. Yesterday I penned a piece here on Best In Show Daily I entitled “Crufts’ Campaign against the Purebred Dog.” That piece was prompted by the withholding of Best of Breed awards in the Pekingese and Bulldog breeds during Thursday’s judging at the venerable Crufts dog show.

Today another breed winner was denied her prize after her veterinarian certification was withheld. The latest victim was the multi awarded Clumber Spaniel, AM/DK/H/BIH/SCG/A/LUX Ch. Chervood Snowsun. The 5-year-old bitch took the challenge certificate at the 2010 Crufts and was Best of Opposite Sex at the 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Not only does she have an impressive show resume, she has also proved herself in field trials and came to play with documented health test results–A/A hips, 0/0 elbows, healthy patellas, a clear eye certificate & and DNA tested clear of pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphatase (PDP1) deficiency.

It is clear to this dog lover that no amount of evidence of the health of individual specimens of the targeted breeds will dissuade the animal rights lunatics in their attempt to divide and conquer the show community. Their strategy is to disenfranchise the targeted breeds, which they hope will then die out for lack of access to the show environment. They will then move on to other breeds, like a swarm of dog hating locusts, and try to wipe them out. They will not stop until they have destroyed the show community and the rights of dog owners everywhere.

As you might expect, I have been challenged over my defense of the disqualified breeds. This morning someone asked me how I could defend a breed like the Bulldog that has so many intrinsic health challenges. This was my answer:

I used to show roses. The beautifully formed blooms that we send our loved ones bear little resemblance to their ancestors. They are grafted onto a hardier rootstock, they must be protected from the cold weather, and they must be expertly pruned in order to produce those show quality blooms. Many of the varieties are susceptible to diseases like rust & and mildew, and fall prey to insects. However, hybridizers have produced hardier varieties through selective breeding, It’s a lot of effort but the reward is the most iconic flower on the planet.
While it is true that the Bulldog & and Pekingese will never be the athletes that the Doberman or Saluki are, they can be made healthy. It may be true that the Bulldog cannot deliver puppies naturally, but most roses cannot grow on their own rootstock. No one is advocating we live in a world without roses. Why should I agree to live in a world without Bulldogs or Pekingese?