Adam Bernardin


Adam Bernardin Handling with care and expertise Handler Adam Bernardin is a 3rd Generation Dog person. 


Adam was born in Calgary Alberta Canada and his family was active in the dog show community as breeders of Irish Setters,Akitas,Poodles and Giant Schnauzers as well as several other breeds all while owning and running several boarding/Grooming establishments.


Adam followed in his sisters footsteps as an accomplished dog groomer and was the youngest Master Certified Groomer in the World at only 13 years old.


Adam’s expertise in training, conditioning and handling has produced multiple nationally ranked dogs in a wide variety of breeds. In 2012, He handled the Beautiful Irish Setter “Emily” GCH Shadagee Caught Red-Handed to a group win at Westminster KC. Emily also became the top winning Irish Setter of all time .


He also has shown national specialty winners in Sporting, Terriers and Working breeds. Currently, Adam is also handling many other breeds including a top Irish Setter, Gordon Setter and the Number One Airedale Terrier Bitch who is also Ranked as a Top 10 Terrier.


Adam is one of five Handlers Nominated for the DIR Winkie award for Handler of the year. He is thrilled to be Nominated and voted for by his Peers and he also is thrilled for the Other four Nominees especially his Mentor and friend William Alexander.


Adam is a Generous and humble person and His handling of dogs is a life long dream come true and He finds it fullfilling and loves the bonds he has with his charges.


Name: Adam Bernardin

Company Name/Kennel Name:

Handling by Adam Bernardin Location: Chaplin CT

Phone Number(s): (774) 239-4049



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