dillon 5 bis kissYou have a show dog? Feeling overwhelmed? Then take this course!

A comprehensive step-by-step visual guide to teach you all you need to know about showing your dog!

30 step-by-step videos, 5 printable diagrams, 35+ pdf’s and an e book to guide you through the process of showing your dog!

Join Allison in her engaging classes and learn how to present your dog & yourself to best advantage.  These course modules allow you to set your own learning pace, with skill builders and additional classes as you gain experience and confidence.


Instruction Includes:

  • From entering the ring to getting a ribbon
  • Enter the ring, get your ribbon, thank the judge, congratulate the winner
What is a dog show
  • What is a dog show?
  •  How a Dog Show Works-a video overview
  •  What the Ribbons mean
  •  Dog Show Terms
Before you Start
  •  Know your breed standard
  •  Where to find your breed’s standard
  •  Cast of Characters at a Dog Show
  •  Summary: Cast of characters
  •  Show Secretary
  •  Wearing Your Armband

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