The excitement of Westminster has come and gone, and now it’s time to get back to our regular old dog shows. But as usual, some of those old regulars have some great things going on.

Many interesting things going on at the Seattle Kennel Club shows. This is a club that’s putting a lot of effort into reaching the public and publicizing its event and at the same time providing those little extras for exhibitors.

First, there’s a little box in the premium list that says, “Do you have a story?” and goes on to note that anyone entering a dog at these shows who has an interesting story to share should complete the SKC media form and the kennel club media team will contact local newspapers, radio and television stations to see if they’re interested in the stories. This could be a great way to get a positive message out about purebred dogs, dog shows and dogs in general. Great idea!

One of several special attractions at the Seattle Kennel Club shows is a demonstration by the Boeing K-9 explosives detection unit. Here, Jax sniffs an overhead luggage compartment for hidden explosives during a training exercise, while his handler Ly Keu watches. Photo by Jerry and Lois Photography, courtesy Ranny Green and the Seattle Kennel Club.

SKC’s two all-breed shows, obedience and rally trials will be held at the Century Link Event Center in Seattle. Both days there will be Meet the Breeds, the schedule for which will be posted on the club’s website so that the public can make plans to see the breeds they’re interested in. The club promises that visitors will “Learn about health, temperament and livability from the experts.”

Also both days: demonstrations by the Emerald City Dance Team, Family Dog Training Center, Seattle Police Department Corps and Boeing K-9 program; Nose Work demonstrations; and a herding demo on Saturday by Ewe-topia Herd Dog Training School. SKC has information on its website about the Boeing K-9 program, the Emerald City freestyle dancers and all of its other special attractions. This club attracts more than 12,000 spectators to its shows – at $14 a head for adults and $7 for kids 4 to 14 years of age, I might add – and there’s no doubt that all of these interesting demonstrations are a big reason why.

In addition to all of those great attractions for the general public, the cluster includes an AKC Institute for Aspiring and Newly Approved Judges, which takes place on the weekend. Reproduction services, microchipping and health clinics round out the offerings. Competition for the AKC Owner-Handler Series will be held on Saturday. This club really has all the bases covered.

The Country Music Cluster also has a lot going on at its four-day event March 7 through 10. Held at the Williamson County Agricultural Expo Park in Franklin, Tenn., 20 miles south of Nashville, the Nashville Kennel Club and Tullahoma KC of Tennessee are the host clubs. The Doberman Pinscher Club of Nashville will hold a concurrent specialty show on Friday. There are specialties and supported entries various days in Pulik, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Whippets and Siberians, and the American Whippet Club specialty on Saturday will include puppy and veteran sweepstakes.

The Williamson County Ag Expo Park in Franklin, Tenn.

These clubs have included a schedule of activities in the premium list so that everyone can see at a glance what they have to offer. Pedigree is the cluster’s official sponsor, and offers coffee and donuts every morning. Pedigree will also hold a “Lite Buffet” for exhibitors on Thursday after Best in Show and dinner on Friday evening.

Meet the Breeds is scheduled for Saturday with a “Junior Pizza Party” on Saturday afternoon along with a junior handling class. Microchipping and glaucoma pressure checks will be offered every day, heart and eye clinics on Saturday and Sunday, semen collection by Clone Tennessee the first three days, and an amazing array of other veterinary services – blood draw for Optigen, patella checks for OFA and more – all four days.

I wanted to give a shout out to the Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Association, not because it has anything so unusual going on, but because there’s just have so much going on in general. At the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, Fla., there are two all-breed shows on the weekend, March 9 and 10, with seven specialties, Everglades Terrier and Toy Dog Club of South Florida, as well as obedience and rally trials, on Friday, March 8. The club is offering a Puppy Spectacular and Bred-by-Exhibitor Best in Show, as well as heart and eye clinics and CGC testing, on the weekend. Exhibitors also enjoy a free continental breakfast every day.

Besides that, and this is of course great for spectators, there will be agility demonstrations both Saturday and Sunday, and a B match on Saturday after Best in Show.

The Garden City Kansas Kennel Club has something interesting going on that could prove beneficial to the club. Included in its premium list is a hotel-motel lodging survey, which will “enable the Garden City, Kansas KC Inc., and Finney Co. Visitor and Tourism Bureau to evaluate the impact that the event has on the economy of Garden City.” Undoubtedly the dog sport would benefit from more communities becoming aware of the economic impact dog shows have where they’re held, so kudos to GCKKC for being part of this. The club is also offering door prizes at the end of the day on Friday and Saturday for everyone who fills out a questionnaire.

This club is hosting three all-breed shows, along with two obedience and rally trials each day Friday and Saturday, for a total of five obedience and five rally trials for the weekend. Wow! CGC testing will be available on site also.

The dog show season really heats up in March. Email me at if your club has something interesting going on at its dog show!