The shows that will be held in New York and New Jersey on Friday, Saturday and Sunday before Westminster, on Monday and Tuesday, February 11 and 12, 2013, close on Wednesday, January 23. Progressive, the all-Toy show, is held on Friday pre-Westminster in Manhattan at the Hotel Pennsylvania’s Penn Plaza Pavilion. The entries at Progressive have been 500 the past two years, and it is a great place to see the country’s top Toys. The club, along with Purina, is offering Best Puppy in Show competition with cash prizes.

The Yorkie National takes place on Sunday before the Garden, with the Yorkshire Terrier Club of Greater New York specialty on Saturday, and the YTCA puppy sweepstakes is held on Friday, so there are no classes for Yorkie puppies at Progressive. All Yorkie events are at the New Yorker Hotel.

Garden State All Terrier Club holds its first show of the year on Sunday, February 10, at the Meadowlands, and specialty shows for dozens of other breeds are held in Secaucus and other locations in New York and New Jersey over the weekend.

There are all-breed shows in only two locations on the weekend prior to Westminster. The West Texas Kennel Club hosts back-to-back shows in Midland, Texas, with a B match on Friday evening and, in honor of Valentine’s Day, a costume contest on Sunday after Best in Show. Exhibitors are invited to “walk the red carpet in your Valentine’s best,” and gift certificates to vendors will be awarded for first through third places. This club had the same show dates last year, and their entries were right around 530 both days.

Also on the same weekend in Texas, the Tulsa Sighthound Association is offering Coursing Ability Tests and lure coursing in Midland’s sister city, Odessa, just about 20 miles away.

The Hoosier and Central Indiana Kennel Clubs will also hold four shows that weekend at the Indy Winter Classic. In 2012 Hoosier had shows on Friday and Sunday before Westminster, with an entry on Friday of 1,726 and on Sunday of 2,114. Central Indiana on that Thursday drew 1,443 dogs and its Saturday show, 2,271. Specialties and supported entries in numerous breeds accompanied these all-breed shows. Naturally a certain number of dogs entered at these all-breed shows were also shown in New York on Monday or Tuesday. It’s more than 12 hours to drive from Indianapolis to the Garden, but no doubt some handlers and owners will be making the trek or flying into the city on Sunday evening or Monday.

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