Only two sets of shows close on this date, and they are, of course, among the last shows of 2012. Entries for AKC/Eukanuba and its accompanying shows in Orlando, Fla., will have already closed, leaving just those in Cleveland and Allentown, Pa. to accept their final entries on November 28.

The Richland County, Medina and Western Reserve Kennel Clubs host four shows in Cleveland, December 13 through 16, under the Crown Classic banner. It’s been many years since I’ve been to these shows, and I always found them quite enjoyable. Thus I hate to be snarky, but in reading through their premium list there seem to be a lot more “don’ts” than “Hey, look what’s going on!” For instance, you absolutely, positively cannot get into the building after 10:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. (I hope you don’t have to work on Wednesday and drive late to get to the show, or you might have to unload your stuff on Thursday morning.) No electricity will be available for motor homes. A limited number of electrical outlets will be available inside the building. No outside food or beverages can be brought in for human consumption. Yes, I know this is common for big expo centers, but if enforced it would be awfully hard on people who are there for four full days of dog shows.

OK, now for the good things they’ve got going on. There are numerous specialties and lots of supported entries. The clubs have Best Puppy competition on Thursday, and Best Bred-by-Exhibitor on Friday. The Animal Clinic Northview, in collaboration with the International Canine Semen Bank—Ohio, will offer semen collection, patellar luxation and thyroid clinics and microchipping.

Richland County, which hosts the Thursday and Saturday shows, notes on one page of the premium that the Saturday show in 2011 drew 106 majors. I guess that’s reason enough to draw a nice entry, although obviously competing with AKC/Eukanuba on the East Coast this year will affect the Crown Classic entry somewhat.

Lehigh Valley and Delaware Water Gap host Saturday and Sunday shows in Allentown, and right on page three of the premium list the clubs announce that this is their third year at the Agri-Plex Lehigh County Agricultural Hall and they welcome you to their show site. OK, they also say that motor homes “must be self contained,” which I assume means no electricity is available. And their building closes at 10 each night, but somehow they make their show sound more welcoming than the Cleveland premium list does. Few people read premiums these days anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter much.

We’ll have a separate article next week detailing how these two clubs are working to make their shows viable while competing with AKC/Eukanuba, but in the meantime I’ll tell you that Lehigh Valley has several drawings, one for all owner-handled Best of Breed winners, the prize for which $100 cash, and a general armband raffle with lots of different items to be given away. The club will also serve cake before Group judging on Saturday in celebration of its 103rd anniversary.

Lehigh Valley offers a rosette to all dogs that complete a title at their show, and there are numerous supported entries on the weekend.

I have no doubt that exhibitors will be in a festive mood for all these shows, since they’re just over a week before Christmas, and the final shows of the year may remind people how grateful they are to be part of the sport of showing dogs.

I’d love to report on what your club is doing to make its show special, or to give back to the community, so if you’ve got a story to tell please email me at