Jill Karla Schwarz


Jill Karla Schwarz


Jill has worked as a professional illustrator for majority of her life. Some of her clients include: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, The History Channel, Time Life Books and many other magazines and book publishers.

She has also been involved with animal care for many years. For the last 5 years she has volunteered at The Wildlife Center near Santa Fe, NM. Wildlife rescue and education have become an important element in her life.

Not to leave out our wonderful domestic companions…..the care and treatment of all animals has become one of her greatest passions. Right now Jill shares her home with her cat Lulu, who's lovely self is included in the samples of the Pet Portraits. The Pet Portraits are one of the newer creative directions Jill's art has been taking her. She has been getting nothing but praise for them, which of course is wonderful. She ask her clients to include photos of special things that are important to them to create the backgrounds for their beloved companion's portrait. Their homes decor, a favorite antique, flowers in their garden, etc. If a client is local Jill likes to go over and take some of her own photos.

Please check out the website for the Wildlife Center in Espanola, NM to learn about the great work being done there in wildlife rehabilitation and education: www.thewildlifecenter.org

Her artwork can be seen at The Liza Williams Gallery in Santa Fe, NM



Email: rocketgirlstudio@yahoo.com

Phone#: 505-795-9988.