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The Rainbow Bridge Curse: Loving Dogs Into Dumbness

A well-known writer and behaviorist seeking a blurb send me a galley of his book to be published next year, it is a powerful, meticulously researched study of the intelligence of dogs (I am not permitted to quote from it or identify the author until it is published), and like almost every behaviorist, trainer and… read more


Dire Trouble For The New York Carriage Horses. It’s Hitting The Fan…

A sad and urgent story to report. Somewhat myopically, I thought the carriage horse fight had been won. The truth is that the effort to ban the horses was stopped, but I didn’t realize how much of  a disconnected ideologue the mayor is or how little he cares about animals or the democratic process.  Do… read more


The Carriage Horse Victory: Something Won, Something Lost. Me And Eva.

This week, Mayor deBlasio of New York clearly  signaled that he had had enough for now. He was leaving the New York carriage horse fight to the animal rights people who started it. He was running away. The savage and expensive effort to put them out of business had failed, at least for now. I… read more

The Carriage Horses: Remember The Biggest Animal Story Of Them All?

There is a conflict raging in New York City, it has been going on for years, it is coming to a head in a critical way soon on one of the world’s most important stages. The outcome will help determine the future of domesticated animals in our world and whether or not they will remain… read more