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Judges Held in Esteem?

I DON’T know how many of you take the trouble to read the minutes of the Kennel Club liaison council for whatever aspect of the dog world you are involved in. It’s worth doing so to see what the delegates are putting forward on your behalf and it may well be that some of their… read more

AKC and FCI Stalemate

I AM disappointed to see that the American Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, in particular the latter’s Asia and Pacific Section, are still in a stalemate over this ridiculous blacklisting of judges. One really would have thought better of the AKC, at least, and hope that it would have behaved with a bit… read more

Knopa’s Heritage

The Background to the Crufts winners I always find fascinating, especially when they are dogs from overseas whose breeding we are not so familiar with. It had been 86 years since a Scottish Terrier last won best in show at Crufts, but the two animals are directly connected in the tail male line. ‘Knopa’, multi-titled… read more


Double Success at Crufts

TRADITIONALLY, in this week’s issue I like to celebrate those of you, or your dogs, who were involved, as breeder, owner or handler, with more than one Crufts CC winner or the equivalent. My apologies in advance if I haven’t mentioned any of you; please let me know so we can rectify this. The Vizslas… read more

Let’s Get Back to the Positive

I’D LIKE, if I may, to concentrate on the positive. Whether that will be altogether possible is another story. There was so much positive about Crufts 2015. It ran like clockwork, over 20,000 dogs were scheduled to compete, there were some dramatic battles in the ring, we saw huge numbers of stunning dogs we had… read more

In the Dog House – Crufts 1939

DID YOU see a fascinating piece in the Guardian’s From the Archive section? It reported on an incident I must admit I’d never heard about. It came from February 1939, the time of the last post-war Cruft’s show, the only one run by Emma Cruft following the death of her husband Charles, the show’s founder…. read more


British connections at Westminster KC

HOW TIMES change. It may be an exaggeration to say that in days gone by the American dog world depended, in many breeds, on regular additions of British stock, but in the terriers in particular it wasn’t all that far from the truth. Today, however, with a few prominent exceptions, that is far from the… read more

The Rise and Fall of Breeds

AS YOU can imagine the breed registration list for 2014 left me feeling thoroughly miserable at the contrasting but equally depressing fate of two of my favourite breeds. Until about ten years ago the French Bulldog was a specialist breed hovering just above what we would now regard as a ‘vulnerable’ level. Ten years later… read more


In the Dog House

AFTER writing about whether agility might one day become an official ‘sport’ I was delighted to hear from the man himself, agility pioneer Peter Lewis. He says: “I had already noted that the Agility Council was to debate again a possible approach to the Sports Council. Now I am prompted by your appraisal of the… read more

Breed Divergence

WE HAVE often talked in this and other columns in DOG WORLD about breeds where the type varies from country to country, most frequently about those that have over the years developed on different lines on either side of the Atlantic. Often these are breeds of British origin, with the American foundation stock of course… read more

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