Naughty or extra naughty? That is the question!

I continually ask myself this question as I watch my puppies grow up. It’s like a fun game to see who can be the craziest – and the baddest! To dogs, it doesn’t really matter if they shred the newspaper into a million pieces, knock over the garbage can and go through all the goodies, or munch on a brand new pair of shoes (even if there’s an assortment of toys laying around.) From the dog’s point of view, being mischievous is just way too fun!

Bad To  The  Bone - DFR1-1

Being naughty at home – Elliott the Corgi.

There’s that shredded newspaper I was talking about. You’d think the proper thing to do in this situation would be to correct him so that way in the future there’d be less chance of him doing it again, right? Honestly though, what do you think I did? I took pictures and laughed, of course. Just look at that face! You can tell just by looking at those eyes that deep down inside he honestly thinks he didn’t do anything wrong. I’d rather clean up this mess – it’s not like I haven’t seen way worse – and have this picture that will make a lasting memory. What about you?

Bad To The Bone - DFR2-1

Being naughty in the ring – BISS GCh. Max-Well’s Valley Girl.

Terriers are often known for their naughty tactics in the ring, but isn’t that what we love about their personalities the best? We may spend hours upon hours training our dogs to be in tiptop condition for the show ring, but sometimes their naughty-bad side just comes out! It is that personality that is not only striking, but also pretty dang cute. It’s not always a bad thing to add a little bit of spice to your performance, right?

Sometimes going into the ring with a first timer can seem like a rodeo with a wild pup, but I’d much rather have this to deal with than a shy, “I don’t wanna walk” puppy. In the end, it’s always the so-called “naughty” puppies that have more fun. In my opinion, being a little crazy and wild just shows more of the personality that meshes so well with the show ring.

So, let’s remember not to discipline our puppies for being bad to the bone as they grow. Don’t sweat the little things, since every moment is a learning experience. Whether a pup is being good or horribly misbehaving, sometimes we just have to laugh and take a picture or two.

DFR! Dogs Freakin’ Rule, my friends – even when they’re naughty!