Bay Area Resident Richard Wisner has been named the 2014 President of the Northern California French Bulldog Club (NCFBC). The NCFBC encourages and promotes quality in the breeding of pure-bred French Bulldogs through careful health considerations and does everything possible to bring their natural qualities to Written Standard.

In 2005, Winser became a member of the NCFBC. Through the organization he helped host the 2005 Nationals Show in Sacramento. With a talent for fundraising, he also helped the organization raise more than $10,000 for welcome bags for more than 200 guest and exhibitors.

“As 2014 president of NCFBC, these are some challenging times for the French bulldog,” said Winser. “Out of 170 breeds in AKC, French Bulldogs are ranked 14. The breed has become so popular you see them in everywhere including ad campaigns, television shows and movies. I believe breeding dogs to the Breed Standard is a true art and that is what being part of a breed club does. It teaches us to really analyze the breed in detail so that each breed stays looking and acting to its own written Standard,” said Winser.

Winser believes pure breeding gets a lot of bad press. “What you don’t hear is how Cancer research finds therapies by researching purebred dogs . You and I are so many different races. But a AKC registered dogs is a pure sample the DNA can be looked at by scientist and researchers that can find markers of diseases of interests that can help both human and canine,” said Winser.

Background on Richard Winser:
It was in the early nineties when he was working in the Fashion industry in Paris, France when he met his first French Bulldog named Spike. His owner was a photographer that left him with Winsere for three months. For Parisians, having a dog opened many doors including happier people, better tables and more! Being with Spike made Winser fall in love with the bat eared breed.

When he returned to the states in 1996, he called a Frenchie breeder and she said had a nice brindle boy that Winser could have as long as he showed the dog. “Not knowing what that meant I said ” Ok ” my first show dog was Felon,” said Winser. During this show time, Winser really started to study and understand the sport of dogs and Frenchies. He started going to national shows and to health seminars. During this time, he met Janis Hampton, a long time breeder who judged all around the world. “You could say I tried to learn everything I could from her,” said Winser.

Richard Winser
President NCFBC

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