style tierneyHi! My name is Style. Actually, it’s Puppy Style ‘cause I’m named after a human kid named Style, but I’m not so sure you are interested in all that. My big fancy name is Blackwoods She’s Got Brazile’n Style, STAR puppy, CGC. But no one EVER calls me that. I’m a 9 month old Rat Terrier and I live in the Los Angeles area where I spend my time napping in the sunshine, being a spokes-doggie / supermodel and spend lots of time figuring out how to do something naughty without getting caught.


I’m super excited to get to share some really interesting interviews with dogs that I meet who participate in all sorts of dog activities. I know you see a lot of conformation dogs here on BISD, but they are looking to expand into PERFORMANCE EVENTS. Oh yeah, that’s my number. Did you know that I’m learning dog agility? Everyone in my family does dog agility, but my big brother and sister who are Border Collies do other activities too. That got me wondering about all the stuff I could do when I grow up. So I came up with the super idea to interview some of the dogs that spend their time in some type of performance sport.


Each week, you’ll get to read one of my dog-to-dog interviews. That’s right, I skipped right by the humans and went to the DOGS themselves. You’ll learn what disc dogs, diving dogs, herding dogs, obedience dogs, nose work dogs and more.


If you think your dog wants to be interviewed about a sport they participate in, they can write me at or post on one of Best In Show Daily’s social media pages and we’ll see what we can do.


Hope to hear from you and I really hope you enjoy meeting my performance friends.


–         Style.


tierney headshot bisdMy name is Tierney (Pyxis 21st Century Fox @Burway, CGCA, CGCU, FDC) I’m 2 years old and I’m a workaholic. I love to work. That’s a good thing because if I didn’t like to work, my owner might wonder where my terrier parts went.  Terriers like me (I’m a rat terrier, born in Canada but now living in LA CA) are independent thinkers and should always have a job if you do not want them to be in trouble. That’s true of MANY dogs, so when I heard that BISD was interested in what I had to say about Dogs with Jobs, I said “SIGN ME UP”. I did it without permission , too. She shouldn’t leave the computer on if she doesn’t want me to use it.


In my family, EVERYONE must have a job. Even dogs. Up til now I’ve been in the family business of being a spokes doggie for dog food and a supermodel for calendars. I’m really good at it, the pay in meatballs is awesome and I’ve been in lots of neat stuff, so I’m kind of famous, but a girl only has her looks for so long. My twin sister Maple (who is super smart) says we must plan for our future. She’s always reading books and stuff and I’m more of a talker than a reader, so I decided to go out and talk to other dogs that have jobs to figure out what kind of jobs I might be suited for.


Some dogs have some pretty spectacular jobs. Some travel around, some stay home some do a bit of both. It’s really neat to talk to dogs about their jobs. One of my friends is professional RAT KILLER. Seriously, that’s their job. They go to wineries and stuff and clear them of rats. One of my other friends was an OFFICIAL FIRE AWARENESS dog. Yeah, he went to schools and taught the kids to stop, drop and roll and other important stuff. He’d even demo it. He has passed away, but he had one super cool job.


I’ll be publishing my dog-to-dog interviews with working canines here on BISD. If you know of a dog with a job feel free to email me at or post on the Best in Show Daily Facebook page. I’ll find you!


Maybe I can make a career out of this writing stuff. We’ll see!