Press 12

Thursday, 14th of September was a great event for the dog world, as this was the inaugural of the Eukanuba Performance Games at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington, Ohio. Four days packed with dog performance events designed to test a dog’s speed, agility & performance! Early Thursday morning, the event was officially opened with a ribbon cutting christening for the grand opening of the Royal Canin Ring & Eukanuba Field, and First Annual Eukanuba Performance Games by Craig Morgan – Country Music Artist, USO Volunteer and host of Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors, officials from Lt Governor Mary Taylor, Eukanuba & the American Kennel Club. The ribbon cutting launched a dog festival celebrating the bond of dogs and their people;  superb athleticism and the chance to set or break some records.  But, it really was about pure dog joy! In addition to launching the Performance Games, American Kennel Club officially sanctioned Scent Work with Roberts Center chosen as its first titling venue.

The 2017 Performance Games marks the beginning of a great annual event for as these games showcase dogs working in events such as CAT runs – chasing a lure fast as the dog can in a timed 100 yard dash, to Barn Hunt – the dog finding a rat inside a safe tube, Agility – a speed and obstacle course, to Disc Dog where daring-do is on full display as dogs make spectacular in-air catches,  and everyone’s favorite,  Dock Diving – jumping for distance in a pool. The current record holder is a whippet, Relay, at 30’9″. Each event held championships on Sunday,  making the feeling of the event as so much more than just a collection of dog events,  but as an Olympics for Canine Athletes.