Do you wonder where the in-crowd sources their information on top restaurants, food festivals & chi-chi cocktail bars? Are you tired of inauthentic, inaccurate reviews from “crowd sourced” sites. No need to be disappointed any longer, Tasting Table ( is THE online resource for reviews, reservations and even recipes from top restaurants. The magazine is emailed daily to your inbox, is free and you can personalize it to your geographic region. If you’re traveling, you can learn all about the latest by easily navigating to the city of choice.

But the absolute coolest thing about this magazine? It has a free app – available through iTUNES and Google’s PlayStore – that allows you to take it all on the go with you. Sitting at the Garden between breeds and trying to organize your group’s dinner out? THERE IS AN APP for that.

What Is Tasting Table?

Tasting Table is a free daily email publication that delivers the best of food and drink culture to adventurous eaters across the country.

Each weekday we send our members one delicious story about dining out, cooking at home, or cocktails, wines and chefs to know now. We only feed you firsthand recommendations that have been thoroughly tested–one bite at a time–by our editors. (Learn more about our Editorial Policy here.)

Think of Tasting Table as the friend you call to ask, “Where should I eat tonight?” We’re the friend who knows the best spot for $2 tacos, and which $200 tasting menu is worth the splurge. We’re serious eaters who don’t take ourselves too seriously–like you.

Take your seat at Tasting Table. Join today for free.

What Makes Tasting Table Unique?

We create epicurean recommendations that are authentic, trustworthy and actionable.

Authentic: We’re genuinely passionate about the subjects of our articles, and we don’t believe in covering something just because everyone else is. We love the underdog, and advocate the unnoticed and underreported whenever possible.

Trustworthy: We write from personal experience and knowledge, not from press releases. Our editorial team has personally tested every bar, restaurant and recommendation we publish. Even the recipes we share with readers have been tested in our own Test Kitchen. Learn more about our Editorial Policy here.

Actionable: Ready to dig in? When you like what you’re reading, just click the “NEXT STEP” arrow below each article we publish to experience our recommendation yourself. That way, you can book a table, view a menu, purchase a product and more—all with a click.

How Can I Get the Most From Tasting Table?

Keep Current With Dining Dispatch: We’re wary of recommending just-opened restaurants and bars because we haven’t had enough time to thoroughly vet them. Plus, chances are they’re still ironing out a few kinks. But to keep you current on food news in your neighborhood, we report on openings, closings and other major updates in the Dining Dispatch section at the bottom of our local-edition emails.

Use Our Short List Cheat Sheet: Also at the bottom of our city edition emails is the Short List, your quick guide to where our editors are eating right now, and a handy cheat sheet for when you need to find a last-minute dinner spot.

Build Your TT To-Do List: Tasting Table makes it easy to keep track of all your dining and drinking plans. When an article piques your interest, just click the red “Save This” button at the bottom of the article to store that recommendation to your personalized To-Do list. Access your personal list anytime by clicking “To-Dos” in our navigation bar at We even keep your list organized by category: Dining, Wine, Drinks, Cooking, Travel, and More.

Take TT To-Go: Download our free iPhone application, Tasting Table To-Go, to take your To-Do list with you, access our Short List cheat sheet, read articles from our archives, or use a map to find Tasting Table recommendations near your current location.

Plan Ahead With Weekend Menu: Each Thursday, our city editions publish a Weekend Menu, which rounds up the best culinary events happening in your city. From street fairs to wine tastings to cooking classes and beyond, we preview the weekend’s upcoming events so you can plan ahead.

Follow Your Stomach With Flight Plan: Once monthly, our National edition publishes Flight Plan, your guide to food and drink destinations worth the trip–from international food festivals to regional wine pressings and more.

Get Social: It’s not always fun to dine alone. Take advantage of the share buttons at the bottom of every Tasting Table email to forward an article to friends, or post to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare or Pinterest accounts.

Is there a Tasting Table for me?

There’s a Tasting Table edition for everyone! Join at or, if you’re already a member, manage your editions at

Tasting Table serves up five city editions, plus a National edition, each weekday around lunchtime. Our city editors publish local picks daily in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami.

When you join Tasting Table, your ZIP code is used to suggest the closest edition to your hometown. But you’ll also be given the opportunity to add other city editions in case you call more than one city home, or love delicious intel from a bunch of locations.

Tasting Table’s National edition is a food magazine in email form, covering everything from dining and restaurant trends to the latest cocktails, from kitchen tools to cooking ideas and the most seasonal ingredients. You’ll get exclusive recipes from the country’s top chefs, a glimpse at the nation’s up-and-coming talent, healthful eating ideas and much more.

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