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A Coonhound Event, plus Reading an Agility Map

The city of Richmond, Ind., welcomed tens of thousands of Coonhound enthusiasts over the Labor Day weekend for a “family reunion” at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. Editor Susan Chaney reports on the five-day string of hunts and bench shows where more than 600 dogs competed. Find out what it took to become the 2012 National Grand Nite Champion of Autumn Oaks.

To the uninitiated, the placement of obstacles on an agility course can seem awfully random. Contributing writer Robin Nuttall understands this, and introduces the agility map as the key to understanding the order of any agility course. Learn what each symbol means, and find out why exhibitors are given eight minutes to “walk the course.”

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Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Reading an Agility Map
By Robin Nuttall

At every AKC agility trial, you see people wandering around with a single sheet of paper in their hands. They may be drawing little swoopy lines on it or just staring at it as if it contains the secrets to the universe or at the very least the solution for getting dog hair out of the butter when your mother-in-law is visiting. more

National Grand Nite Champion Coonhound Crowned in Indiana
By Susan Chaney

It took two nights of hunting for raccoons in the dark to do it, but GCh. Grand Nite Ch. ‘PR’ LB Red Hot Sweat HTX, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, owned by Tim Toler and handled by Mikyle White, earned the title of 2012 National Grand Nite Champion of Autumn Oaks at the annual event in Richmond, Ind., over the Labor Day weekend. more

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