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A Handler in Hollywood and the Buzz About Bostons

In today’s podcast with Pilar Kuhn, professional handler Loran Morgan talks about the Irish Setters he showed as a junior and the various breeds he handles to Best in Show wins today. Listen in as Loran shares his thoughts on coat care and movement, and learn why he says it’s important to conform to the breed being shown. When he’s not caring for his dogs, Loran stays busy the L.A. way: acting. Learn about some of the projects where his experience with dogs landed him the part.

The Boston Terrier has enjoyed widespread popularity ever since it was developed in the city from which it takes its name. Its humble beginnings as a fighting dog are a thing of the past for the breed dubbed “The American Gentleman.” Instantly recognizable, “Bostons” show up to every affair dressed-to-the-nines. Discover a few of the features that make this Non-Sporting breed so unique.

Best In Show Daily wishes a Happy Mother’s Day today to all moms and mothers-to-be.

Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Loran Morgan Podcast with Pilar
By Pilar Kuhn
Social Media Maven Pilar Kuhn sits down with professional handler Loran Morgan today to talk about the Irish Setters, Afghan Hounds and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – among other breeds – he’s been exhibiting for 25 years. “I love coat,” Loran says, as he shares a few tips for keeping coated dogs in tip-top condition. Competing with certain breeds means being at your best each and every time you step into the ring. Listen in as Loran shares his story and offers some important words of advice for today’s junior handlers. play
Best In Show Daily
Breeder Buzzwords – The Boston Terrier
By Dan Sayers
As a student in the early ’80s, I traveled to school each day on an elevated train that towered over the houses below. From this vantage point, it was easy to peer into the windows of the little row homes along the route, although curtains were mostly drawn for obvious reasons.

One house, however, had a very large window and a view that was never obscured by drapery. At this particular address, a collection of figurines stood on display each day for passersby to admire. In this window, dozens of black and white figurines of the “American Gentleman” – the Boston Terrier – awaited the admiring glances of each day’s hurried commuters. more

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Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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