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A Legislative Update and the Buzz About Bull Terriers

Senior Editor Christi McDonald reports on a proposed ordinance in one community that seeks to restrict the number of intact dogs per household, and another that allows dogs to join their owners on the outdoor patios of local restaurants. Find out how responsible dog owners in one state can voice their concern, and where diners in another can share a meal with their dogs al fresco.

The Bull Terrier is a “canine gladiator” that abandoned its fighting ways in favor of a more comical lifestyle. The powerfully agile clown with the piercing glint in its eyes is a genuine individualist in the dog world. Learn a bit about the breed’s raucous beginnings, and discover a few of the characteristics that are prized by devoted loyalists.

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Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Legislative Updates: Good News and Not-So-Good News
By Christi McDonald

On October 1, 2012, the Delaware Township, N.J., Board of Health will review, for final adoption, new ownership and breeding limits for dog-owning residents.

Proposed Ordinance #2012-10 BH seeks to restrict the number of intact dogs allowed per household to six over the age of 7 months, and says that “no household may shelter more than two litters of pups within a consecutive 24-month period.” more

Breeder Buzzwords – The Bull Terrier
By Dan Sayers

In Richard Harding Davis’, “The Bar Sinister,” published in 1903 by Charles Scribner’s Sons, the protagonist is a Bull Terrier named Kid that overcomes his rough-and-tumble beginnings as a street fighter to become a much-celebrated bench champion. The rags-to-riches tale, told from the dog’s point of view, highlights the strong will and exuberant nature of the breed nicknamed “the canine gladiator.” more

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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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