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AKC Delegates: Part Two and the Nanny State

The Delegate Advocacy and Advancement Committee is one of 10 permanent committees that help the AKC delegate body to facilitate better decision making. Senior Editor Christi McDonald interviews committee member Dr. Gerry Meisels to help fanciers better understand how the DAAC protects and strengthens the role of the delegates. Find out some of the ways the committee is helping the American Kennel Club to find answers for the challenges it faces in today’s world.

Master Blogger Billy Wheeler has been traveling quite a bit this year, covering AKC conformation shows from coast to coast. In today’s Back Story, he talks about the credit card he uses while on the road, and how the bank that issued the card is doing its best to protect Billy – from himself. Find out how a policy intended to safeguard cardholders from fraud has created a nanny state for our favorite dog show reporter.

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AKC Delegates Part Two: The Delegate Advocacy and Advancement Committee

By Christi McDonald

Back in March, in “A Beginning Look at the AKC Delegates,” we looked at how representatives from AKC member clubs are selected to help decide how AKC should be run. Of course, the American Kennel Club itself is made up of more than 300 employees in the New York and Raleigh, N.C., offices as well as representatives and inspectors in the field who perform the day-to-day operations of AKC. But AKC bills itself as a “club of clubs,” and as such, its 500 member clubs exercise their voting privileges through their delegates, who are charged with “making the rules and electing from their body the individuals who serve on AKC’s board of directors.” more

Best In Show Daily
The Nanny State as Travel Agent
By Billy Wheeler
I grew up in a blue collar, suburban environment. Both of my parents grew up in homes struggling with the Great Depression. As a result, although we were decidedly middle class, we watched our money closely, and we were all expected to pitch in to help in the family. I think I mowed my first lawn when I was nine or ten. We did have a gas powered mower, though in those days it involved mixing oil and gas for the two cycle motor and then wrapping the start cord around the fly wheel to power the mower up. My Dad, who traveled frequently with his work, gave me a quick safety lesson. ” Wear long pants, no sandals, Keep your hands away from the ground, & don’t run over anything other than grass.” My Mother reinforced the lessons with gory stories of children who had been decapitated after carelessly approaching the family lawnmower. more
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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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