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“Matisse” Wins Best In Show At Annual AENC & Day Two Judging

Dateline: Orlando

Top breeders, top Judges, top dogs and an enthusiastic audience entered the main ring last night to win the largest purse in the Sport but more importantly, to win the coveted top spot on the trophy for one year. Last night’s event will be one for the ages as the World Challenge Dog, the top Bred By Exhibitor, the top Breeders and ultimately, the top dog were recognized. This year’s class was of contenders excelled, they were the top of their game as they went round the ring for the last Show of the season. And, for some dogs the last Show of their careers.

Yesterday’s judging awarded ribbons to the winner of the Working Group, World Challenge Final, Best Bred By Exhibitor, The Terrier Group, The Herding Group, Breeder of the Year, and finally, Best In Show. The evening started with Rebecca Cross beautifully singing, again, the Star Spangled Banner sung by Rebecca Cross.

First into the ring this evening were the Working Dogs, judged by Mr. Houston Clark. This year’s group included the number Two Dog All Breeds, GCH CH Claircreek’s Impression de Matisse, the Number Four Dog All Breeds GCH CH Kenro’s Witching Hour and, excitingly for the Swiss Mountain Dog fanciers, the first ever AKC Eukanuba Group Placing Swissie GCH Derby’s Toast With Gusto “Gus”. Here are all the winners:

1st: Portuguese Water Dog GCH CH Claircreek Impression De Matisse
2nd: Giant Schnauzer GCH CH Kenro’s Witching Hour
3rd: Akita GCH CH Cr – Wicca’s Trade Secret
4th: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog GCH CH Derby’s Toast With Gusto
Congratulations to all!

Follow this link for all the videos of the Working Dogs Breed & Group Judging.

Next was the spectacular pageantry of the World Challenge Final. Each region was escorted onto the blue carpet with a VIP presenting their flag, always a crowd pleaser. Mr. Miguel Angel Martinez of Argentina had the honor of judging the World’s Best. The dogs did not disappoint and the fanciers from each country held their breath as he reviewed the dogs and made his selections. Below is the Winner of the Challenge and placements:

Winner of the World Challenge: Standard Poodle: Ch. Afterglow Maverick Sabre Bred By Michael Gadsby/Jason Lynn

Runner UP, Second Place: the Dogo Argentino C.E.G.L.I.A. Monika de Don Eloy representing Argentina.

First Runner Up, Third Place: the Doberman Pinscher GCH CH Protocol’s Veni Vidi Vici representing the USA.

Congratulations to all!

Keep an eye on this link to see it all.

The Terrier Group followed next judged by Mr. Clay Coady. Always competitive, the Number One Dog by any system and defender of last year’s title GCH CH AfterAll Painting The Sky, and the Number Two Terrier – fresh from the Cleveland Shows and airplane ride – GCH CH Goldsands Columbus were in the ring. Mr. Coady’s initial cut included the Staffordshire, the Miniature Schnauzer, the Border, the Wire Fox, the Westhighland White, the Skye, the Cairn, the Scottish, the Norfolk, and the Norwich.

Mr. Coady’s final placements were:

1st: Wire Fox Terrier GCH CH Afterall Painting The Sky
2nd: Russell Terrier GCH CH Goldsand’s Columbus
3rd: Scottish Terrier GCH CH Mcvan’s To Russia With Love
4th: Norfolk Terrier GCH CH Yarrow Venerie Ticket To Ride

Congratulations to all!

The Bred By Group was judged by Dr. Anthony DiNardo. His initial cut included: the Standard Poodle, the Old English Sheepdog, the Red & White Parti Cocker Spaniel, the American Foxhound, the Rottweiler, the Shih Tzu, the Westie. Dr. DiNardo awarded GCH CH Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect as Best Bred By Exhibitor.

The OES and the American Foxhound would meet again this evening in the Best Ring. To see the BBE Judging, follow this link.

Onto the Herding Group, judged by Mr. Robert Slay. A terrific presentation of herding dogs joined Mr. Slay in the ring. His initial cut included the German Shepherd, the Bearded Collie, the Bouvier des Flandres, the Briard, the Beauceron, the Smooth Collie, the Border Collie, the Puli, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Mr. Slay’s final placements were:

The Herding Group
1st: German Shepherd Dog GCH CH Wolf Creek Galaxy Of Merivern
2nd: Old English Sheepdog GCH CH Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect
3rd: Bouvier des Flandres GCH CH Stonepillar’s Steel Blu
4th: Pembroke Welsh Corgi GCH CH Coventry Allure At Wyndstar

Follow this link to see the Herding Breed & Group Judging.

Breeder of the Year was the final presentation before Best In Show. “Each year, The American Kennel Club recognizes and celebrates an outstanding purebred dog breeder with the Breeder of the Year Award. The award honors those breeders who have dedicated their lives to improving the health, temperament and quality of purebred dogs. At a special presentation held during the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship show, a breeder, or pair of breeders, is recognized in each of the 7 Groups. At the conclusion of the presentation, one of the 7 Group recipients is chosen as the Breeder of the Year.” This year’s nominees are:

Sporting Group: Randy, Anne Marie and Peter Kubacz, Ramblin’ Red Irish Setters
Hound: Janet and Linda Souza and Jamie Souza Bartlett, Limerick Irish Wolfhounds
Working: Joe and Tootie Longo, Longo Great Danes
Terrier: Winifred Stout, Quissex Smooth Fox Terriers
Toy: Armando and Xio Angelbello, Marlex Miniature Pinschers
Non-Sporting: Michael and Linda Brantley, Dreamland Chow Chows
Herding: Leslie and Don Jeszewski, Highcroft Collies

Given the honor of this year’s Breeder of the Year was Winifred Stout, Quissex Smooth Fox Terriers. For more information on the breeders and their programs, follow this link.

And finally, what everyone came for – Best In Show Judging. Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman would have the honor of selecting from the Group Winners the National Champion. Excitement was high. Each dog was introduced as they entered the ring to great cheering from the crowd. Camera’s clicked and a great number of us lost our video feed as everyone tuned in! Mrs. Alderman would make her selection from the Number One Dog, the Wire Fox Terrier; the Number One Working Dog, the Portuguese Water Dog; the Number One Hound, the Number One Sporting Dog, the Irish Water Spaniel; the Pekingese; the Standard Poodle.

It was a beautiful collection of dogs. Mrs. Alderman wasted no time going over the exhibits and marking her book. The crowd held its breath, waiting for her announcement. Thanking all her exhibitors and complimenting them on their dogs, she made her awards. Reserve Best In Show went to GCH CH Afterall’s Painting The Sky and Best In Show went to GCH CH Claircreek’s Impression de Matisse.

Stay tuned to the AKC video link to relive all the excitement of the AKC Eukanuba World Challenge and National Championship. Follow us on facebook as we’ll be posting throughout the day. Congratulations to all the participants of this year’s AKC Eukanuba National Championship and World Challenge.

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