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An English Setter Breeder/Owner-Handler, plus the Owners of the Top Ten

Paula Dempsey has been breeding English Setters, with Jim Jannard under the Oakley prefix, for nearly four decades. Senior Editor Christi McDonald asks the successful breeder/owner-handler about her life in dogs and how she gives back to the sport. Find out who inspired Paula to participate in dog shows, and discover her fondness for an extreme sport.

Blogger-in-Chief Billy Wheeler knows that it takes an exceptional dog and a terrifically talented handler to break into the Top 10. Of course, determination and perseverance are required to stay there, and nothing is possible without support from back home. Today Billy acknowledges the dedication of the owners behind the nation’s current top dogs.

Best In Show Daily invites you to share your knowledge and experience with our readers – among the most active participants in the dog game. If you’ve written an article you’d like to see published on Best In Show Daily or would like to pen one, please email me at dan@bestinshowdaily.

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Best in Show Daily’s Who’s Who: Paula Dempsey
By Christi McDonald

Breeder, owner-handler and judge Paula Dempsey has bred English Setters, with Jim Jannard under the Oakley prefix, for nearly four decades. Jim named his company after his first English Setter, Clairho Oakley Anne, back in 1975, and the products produced by Oakley, including sunglasses and apparel, have become recognized worldwide for their quality. The same may be said of the Oakley English Setters. Paula answered our Who’s Who questions. more

Top Dogs, Top Owners
By Billy Wheeler

As one roams about cyberspace, catching up on the dog game, one gets to see a lot of our Top Ten Dogs All Breeds…and their handlers. However, you don’t always get to meet the team behind the dogs, the owners who make it possible for us to enjoy this sport every weekend. Some of the owners are also breeders, but not always. Even rarer at the top levels of competition is the breeder/owner/handler. We think it’s about time we introduce you to the owners of our Top Dogs. more

The Law of Attraction

By Kayla Bertagnolli

Monday Morning Mop Up

By Billy Wheeler

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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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