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An Interview with Sue Vroom, plus the Dog Next Door

In today’s exclusive interview, Sue Vroom tells Social Media Maven Pilar Kuhn that she’s most proud of the dedicated young people who assisted her and husband Corky throughout their professional handling careers. Now as a busy AKC field rep, Sue continues to provide mentorship through her interaction with the sport’s many passionate breeders, exhibitors and judges. The message Sue has for the fancy – despite the poor telephone connection – is that the sport is alive and well.

Growing up in Philadelphia was a great place for a canine-loving kid like me. My neighborhood was filled with dogs of every size and shape, and I came to know each as a unique individual. One gray-haired mixed breed in particular had a profound influence on my life. Meet the dog next door that was a special friend to my brother and me.

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Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

My Favorite Things – the Dog Next Door

By Dan Sayers

I grew up in Philadelphia during the tumultuous ’70s. As one of five kids living in a row house, space was at a premium and the energy my siblings and I generated often created chaos. With so much going on every day, there was absolutely no way our mother was going to allow a dog in the house. No way.

But I wanted a dog.

I’m pretty sure I was born a dog person. When I was very small, I made no distinction between the neighborhood dogs and the kids who played in the streets. more

Listen to Our Sue Vroom Interview
By Pilar Kuhn

Sue Vroom has worn many hats throughout her 43-year career in dogs, and is as busy now as she ever was. Click to hear how the retired professional handler turned AKC field rep is staying active in the dog sport. play

Olympic and AKC Records

By Billy Wheeler

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Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
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