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An Organic Defense Against Lyme Disease and Birthdays on the Road

Preventing Lyme disease generally requires the use of pesticides to control the deer ticks that host the bacteria that causes the disease. For the 20,000 to 40,000 Americans who become infected each year, Susan Chaney’s report on a new organic spray preventive will be welcome news. Find out how a fungus that kills the offending ticks was discovered by researchers, and learn why Connecticut might be called the deer tick capital of the U.S.

Celebrating a birthday on the road can have its ups and downs. In today’s DFR, Kayla Bertagnolli says that when it’s your turn to blow out the candles and you’re far away from home, you can always count on your dog show family to be there with you. Though text messages allow everyone you know to celebrate your big day, nothing can take the place of a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday” sung over the show–grounds’ loud speakers.

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Fungus Might Keep You from Getting Lyme Disease

By Susan Chaney

If you live in deer country, you live in tick country. And because you have dogs, that’s a problem. It can actually be a bigger problem for your own health. But if you’ve hesitated to spray your yard or property to keep ticks away because of the pesticides required, you’ll have a new option in a couple of years.

While testing a fungus for agricultural purposes, researchers discovered that it also kills blacklegged ticks, known as “deer ticks.” Metarhizium anisopliae is a natural soil fungus. One of the reasons it can be used as a yard spray is that it doesn’t affect beneficial creatures, such as earthworms, green lacewings and bees. more

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Celebrating Birthdays on the Road
By Kayla Bertagnolli
Celebrating birthdays on the road definitely has its ups and downs. When it’s your turn to blow out the candles and you’re far away from home, you can bet that your dog show family will be there with you. Just remember that no matter how much you might want to skip the celebration altogether, the show must go on – literally.

Thanks to the social media networks at your fingertips, most of your friends and acquaintances know it’s your birthday. What this means is that while you’re at a show on your big day, everyone you know who’s not there can celebrate with you through text messages and Twitter. more

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