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Astonishing Rally

Best In Show Daily introduces novices and veteran competitors alike to the laid-back sport of Rally Obedience. In her overview today, Editor Susan Chaney suggests that this low-stress activity might be considered the “reading-talking-handling” sport where encouragement is the key. Signs are placed in the ring leading handlers on a predetermined path, where hand clapping, leg patting and words of praise are encouraged. In Breeder Buzzwords, the appealing Japanese Chin is profiled as the beautifully resilient Oriental original it is. The Imperial little Toy has charmed dog lovers for centuries. From the Far East to the American West, its appeal continues to illicit wonder and astonishment today.

Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Best In Show DailyRally – the Other Obedience
By Susan Chaney

Sometimes called “rally obedience,” this sport requires you and your dog to navigate a course, your dog performing behaviors as described on signs along the route. The numbered signs include skill descriptions, as well as directional arrows, making it “easy to find the next station when navigating the course,” according to the AKC.

You use voice and-or hand commands, and you may reward your on-leash dog (in the novice class) or off-leash dog along the way with praise. The trial is based on the quality of your dog’s performance of specific behaviors and your speed as a team in completing the course – if two dogs finish with the same score, but different times. more

Best In Show Daily

Best In Show DailyBreeder Buzzwords – The Japanese Chin

By Dan Sayers
Breeders of purebred dogs speak a language all their own. Wherever they gather, at dog shows, seminars or in chat rooms, words and phrases are used that have very narrow definitions. Their usage makes it difficult for a novice to fully participate in the conversation, and all but impossible for the general public to follow along.

Much of the breeder’s language is derived from domesticated livestock or veterinary science. Veterans who’ve spent a lifetime perfecting their own family of purebreds use agricultural and medical terms with confidence. When noted breed authorities get together, the dialog that results can effortlessly span the broadest topics, although the words spoken will often have the narrowest of definitions. more

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Dog Show Poop
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