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About: Laura Reeves PHA

Laura Reeves PHA

Our family always had dogs. Mutt dogs, purebred dogs, but always dogs. I grew up with dogs everywhere. My mother eventually enrolled me in dog care 4-H because I was “shy and retiring and lacked people skills”….. I am the living testimonial to the success of the 4-H program! I continued into AKC shows as my family transitioned from “dogs” to the wonderful world of Purebred Dogs. I showed all of our family dogs in conformation and participated in Junior Showmanship competition. I went to college, earned a degree and worked as a newspaper reporter and freelance writer. Today, I am an AKC Breeder of Merit and a member of the Professional Handlers Association.

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As The Wheels Turn – Blest Be The Ties That Bind

I’m sitting here in my office on a cold, grey Oregon morning while a GWP puppy slams her bone around on the concrete floor, jumping up and down off the blanket draped leather recliner. This puppy represents the sixth generation of a direct line back to my foundation bitch, who I co-owned with my mom. Continue Reading

As The Wheels Turn – And They’re Off!

Aaaand, they’re off! With the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship now underway (well, the “pre-shows” anyway), I’m waltzing down memory lane to the tune of past journeys. My first trip to “Eukanuba” was 2003, the first year it was held in Long Beach. I had three dogs to show. GWP, Akita and Irish Wolfhound. A pretty typical Continue Reading

As the Wheels Turn – Year End Musings

Holy mistletoe Batman! It’s December already. Out there in the real world, people are decorating their homes with lights, baking cookies and living their family traditions. Here in the dog show world, most people are winding down into a gentle hibernation and welcome, albeit brief, season of renewal. The few and the brave are still Continue Reading

As The Wheels Turn – Giving Thanks

I’m not a Pollyanna. Not by a long shot. Indeed, left to my natural inclination, I lean toward the curmudgeonly. Fortunately, we all have a choice in our attitude. I choose not to spend hard earned free minutes focused on the negatives in life. Sure, I’m human. I worry if I have a light month Continue Reading

As The Wheels Turn – Here Come Da Judge

I’m pretty sure the only members of the sport who are complained about more than professional handlers are judges. I really feel sorry for these guys most of the time. Judges are people, too, you know. Just like everybody else there are good, bad and indifferent members of the judging pool. A percentage of our Continue Reading

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