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About: Laura Reeves PHA

Laura Reeves PHA

Our family always had dogs. Mutt dogs, purebred dogs, but always dogs. I grew up with dogs everywhere. My mother eventually enrolled me in dog care 4-H because I was “shy and retiring and lacked people skills”….. I am the living testimonial to the success of the 4-H program! I continued into AKC shows as my family transitioned from “dogs” to the wonderful world of Purebred Dogs. I showed all of our family dogs in conformation and participated in Junior Showmanship competition. I went to college, earned a degree and worked as a newspaper reporter and freelance writer. Today, I am an AKC Breeder of Merit and a member of the Professional Handlers Association.

Recent Posts by Laura Reeves PHA

As The Wheels Turn – The Ghosts Of Portland

Today we ponder mentors. I have been blessed with many and have been gifted with the opportunity to mentor others in turn. This absolutely critical circle of life in the purebred dog fancy may be fading, but in my world it lives loud and proud. I’m home from the Rose City Classic and fighting the Continue Reading

As the Wheels Turn – Life In a Sport With No Instant Replay

It’s a rare weekend off for me on a major dog show weekend. My baby brother’s wedding coincided with the shows up north. In order to ensure my attendance at this family function, I was put in charge of making soup for dinner following the ceremony. My catering duties now complete, I’m enjoying a relaxing Continue Reading

As the Wheels Turn – It’s a Dog’s Life

I had an interesting conversation recently with a gal whose dog placed last in his class four days running. She asked for an honest evaluation of the dog, which I provided. And then she said, “Poor guy.” As if somehow the yellow or white ribbon was going to give him a complex. This isn’t a Continue Reading

As the Wheels Turn – New Year’s Resolutions, Doggie Style

Happy New Year! These are some of the 10 top resolutions spun and targeted to the dog fancy. Follow these suggestions and let’s make 2015 the best year ever… • Lose Weight — The weight of hate. Quit hating the winners, the judges, the parking people, other breeders, the competition and every dog except the Continue Reading

As The Wheels Turn – ’Twas the Night Before Christmas

’Twas the Night Before Christmas And all through the house, it was an uproar! Puppies c-sectioned today and now we’re really poor. Singing Silent Night, off key, to soothe the hungry babes. What’s verse four? What I wouldn’t give for a long winter’s nap, before… Oh Lord, what was that clatter. I stumble from bed Continue Reading