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Spring Forward – Brighter Days

OVER here it’s quite a significant weekend coming up. Our clocks go forward on Sunday morning giving us an extra hour of daylight in the evenings and we also see the first single group championship show of the year in the form of UK Toy – so all-in-all that must mean that spring is here Continue Reading

First Pawscars Award Ceremony a Triumph

AS I start to type this column its less than 12 hours since the first Pawscars award ceremony came to a close – and what a close it was, the event was a triumph. But that triumph was not just one for those of us who had organised the event, although we are feeling pretty Continue Reading

Crufts – Highest Entry For Three Years

THERE is no way we can talk about anything other than Crufts this week because this time next we’ll all be there, and you will hopefully be sharing the experience because if you are not able to get there then your favourite canine websites will make sure you don’t miss any of the important bits. Continue Reading

Goodwill and Enthusiasm Bring Together Pawscars Awards

WHAT to write about this week? There really is only one subject and that is the forthcoming Pawscars awards ceremony now less than two weeks away. I’m staggered that the whole thing has come together in quite the way it has. The people who make up the Pawscars committee had a meeting this week at Continue Reading

ABS Members Outraged By Rising Fees

DURING the festive period the Kennel Club sent out letters to all members of its Assured Breeder Scheme outlining changes which caused outrage among some of its members. The KC wrote to explain new procedures and fees following the bestowal of UKAS accreditation this year. Breeders must now be inspected before they can register ABS Continue Reading

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