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Today’s Best In Show Daily brings you stories that are sure to inspire. In DFR, Kayla Bertagnolli provides sound advice to the junior handlers who sacrifice and work tirelessly to get to Madison Square Garden. And the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is presented as the dog that climbs every mountain.

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Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Best In Show Daily

Four Entlebuchers to Bound into Westminster Ring

By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is the smallest, most agile, and perhaps the busiest of the four Swiss mountain breeds, but like the Bernese and Greater Swiss Mountain dogs and Appenzeller Sennenhund, it shows off the same black, white and brown tuxedo markings.

Four Entlebuchers will make the breed’s presence known for the first time ever at Westminster on February 13, 2012.

Medium-sized, compact, strongly muscled dogs, males measure 17 to 21 inches in height and bitches reach 16 to 20 inches. The ratio of height at withers to length of body is 8-to-10. more

The Road to the Garden

A whole year’s worth of determination and effort, and now it’s finally here!

The time has come. The Garden is just one week away! For all you junior handlers out there, the anticipation is building and all of your hard work and effort this past year are about to pay off.

This year there will be approximately 140 Juniors from over 36 states, along with Canada, trying for the title of Best Junior Handler.

For these competitors, the road to the Garden isn’t all glitz and glam. It takes more than just walking in the ring to get to this point.

For some of you, it may be your first or your last year showing, but for everyone there is only one goal in mind – to succeed – and there’s no better way to succeed than to compete at the most prestigious show of the year, right? more

Can You Say Xoloitzcuintli?

By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

Dogs on the Walls

By Christi McDonald
In Memory of Ric Chashoudian

By Christi McDonald

Home Sweet Home

By Christi McDonald

Westminster Warm-Ups

By Billy Wheeler

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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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