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Be Prepared in the Heat, plus Considering the Big-Entry Breeds

Senior Editor Christi McDonald offers a few tips from her own experience for keeping dogs comfortable when traveling in the summer months. When the air conditioning in her van went out on the way to shows in West Texas, preparation was the key to keeping every dog cool and hydrated. Find out how advanced planning and something as simple as a chest filled with ice can be insurance against a catastrophe.

Specialty clubs and supported entries can boost the overall entry at all-breed shows, but do the big-number breeds receive special consideration in the Group ring? Master Blogger Billy Wheeler wonders in The Back Story today if these breed winners have a competitive advantage in the battle for Best in Show.

Best In Show Daily is read by many of the dog world’s most respected breeders, exhibitors and judges. We’d like to share a bit of what one distinguished reader told us: “Just wanted to let you know how much Thom and I appreciate the hard work and effort of everyone at Best In Show Daily. Like my daily cup of coffee, reading the articles covering the show scene and all things dogs is a must. The range of topics means I never know what to expect, but it is always a pleasure. Kudos to the talented writers.” David Swartwood, Bryden English Springer Spaniels and Prelude Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds

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My Take: Be Prepared in the Heat
By Christi McDonald

Yesterday my fellow editor, Susan Chaney, wrote about the dangers of the high temperatures outside and what to do if you think your dog has heatstroke. It seems that every year someone going to or from a show loses at least one dog to the heat, so we can’t be reminded too often that being alert and prepared is the key to keeping dogs safe when traveling in the summer. I want to reiterate to everyone to err on the side of caution in keeping your dogs comfortable, and to offer a few tips from my own experience about how to be prepared. more

Should Big Entries Get Special Consideration?

By Billy Wheeler

At a big all breed show this year I had one owner complain to me that despite the fact that they won an associated specialty they had been overlooked in the group that day. They weren’t just complaining that they didn’t get a group placement. They hadn’t made the cut and they felt that the group judge had completely ignored them. One of the surest ways to build an entry at an all breed show is to solicit the participation of breed clubs to hold associated specialties or supported entries. But just what should those clubs expect in return? more

My Four-Legged Homecoming

By Kayla Bertagnolli

Hold ‘Em or Show ‘Em?

By Billy Wheeler

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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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