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Best In Show Daily’s Who’s Who: Krista Droop

Professional photographer, graphic designer and advertising specialist Krista Droop, whose work occasionally appears on this site, answers Best In Show Daily’s questions for interesting people in the sport of dogs.

1. Where were you born?
PARIS. O.K., Paris, Illinois.

2. What roles have you played in the dog world: breeder, owner-handler, professional handler, apprentice, judge, delegate, writer, publisher, photographer, artist, campaign manager?
Graphic designer, artist and photographer. I have been in the ring with dogs when an extra hand is needed, but that is not where I belong! My dogs are my pets and are treated as such.

3. Are you the only person in your family who is involved in the dog show world?

4. With what living dog person have you had the longest acquaintance, other than a relative?
Karen Stanforth, the breeder of my Toy Fox Terriers. Karen is the one who first introduced me to dog shows more than seven years ago. She bred MinPins before raising her family, then started breeding TFTs.

5. What breeds have you been personally involved with? What is your favorite breed?
Beagles and Toy Fox Terriers. Beagles were my first pets. The TFTs were my first show dogs. I think TFTs are a great breed … fun, energetic, smart and compact! I’m very fond of many Hound breeds as well. I don’t think I will live long enough to have all the breeds I want.

One of Krista’s Toy Fox Terriers, Ch. Prairie Farm Skeleton Key. ‘Red’ was from the first TFT litter Karen Stanforth bred, and was her first champion.

6. Who inspired you in the dog world? In what way?
Kerrin and Dale Churchill, Chris Halvorson, Mary Bloom and Carol Beauchat. The talent, knowledge, integrity and professionalism each one of these photographer/designers brings to the sport is refreshing, and in some way they have all been a part of my success in this niche industry.

7. Are you taken, looking or happily unattached? If taken, by whom and for how long?
Married to Michael Droop for 16 years.

8. What are your current house pets?
Two Beagles, two Toy Fox Terriers and two lovebirds. I would take more dogs anytime (if my husband would let me!).

9. What is your most prized possession?
I truly believe that everything we are given is a blessing from our creator, but I do tend to covet my backyard, dogs and all things created by Steve Jobs.

10. What one thing would people be surprised to learn about you?
Hmmm. I’m not sure. I’m pretty much an open book.

Photo by Krista Droop.

11. Besides dog things, what are your favorite interests or activities?
Gardening, arts and crafts, Harley Davidson motorcycles and Pinterest.

12. Other than your chosen profession, how would you like to have earned a living?
A designer/developer of doggie products.

Visit Krista’s website, www.kristadroop.com, to learn more about her work.

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Christi McDonald is a second-generation dog person, raised with a kennel full of Cairn Terriers. After more than a decade as a professional handler’s apprentice and handling professionally on her own, primarily Poodles and Cairns, she landed a fortuitous position in advertising sales with the monthly all-breed magazine ShowSight. This led to an 11-year run at Dogs in Review, where she wore several hats, including advertising sales rep, ad sales manager and, finally, editor for five years. Christi is proud to be part of the editorial team for the cutting-edge Best In Show Daily. She lives in Apex, N.C., with two homebred black Toy Poodles, the last of her Foxfire line, and a Norwich Terrier.