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Blue Buffalo – Nestle Purina – Response

Dear Pet Parents,

I’m writing to you about the lawsuit Nestle Purina filed today alleging that Blue Buffalo has lied to you about the ingredients in our pet foods. We categorically deny all of these false allegations and will aggressively defend the integrity of our brand and our products. It is an easy thing to make unsubstantiated claims, put them in a lawsuit and then publish them all over the web to disparage and defame a company. It is quite another thing to prove those allegations.

Click here for the response

Please be assured that unlike Nestle Purina:

  • Blue Buffalo does not use chicken by-product meal or poultry by-product meal in any of our products
  • Blue Buffalo does not use ground corn in any of our products
  • Blue Buffalo does not use artificial preservatives in any of our products

We will prove these and other matters in the court with good reliable evidence, and we look forward to disproving the voodoo science that Nestle Purina relied on to support their outrageous allegations.

We’re disappointed to see one of the largest food companies in the world with over $100 billion in sales launching such a baseless lawsuit against a family-run company and attempting to prosecute it on the Internet. In some ways this attack by Nestle Purina is not too surprising, since pet parents have demonstrated their preference by selecting true natural foods like Blue Buffalo instead of the by-product and corn-based pet foods Nestle Purina has been selling for years. In fact, their inability to compete successfully with natural pet foods is the key motivation for this frivolous lawsuit.

My sons and I founded Blue Buffalo with the mission of bringing transparency to pet foods, and made the True Blue Promise to our pet parents. Clearly, some of our major competitors, who have built their business using lower cost ingredients, are upset. We will always stand behind our promise and our products.

We have a saying at Blue Buffalo: “When we’re right, we fight.” We look forward to seeing Nestle Purina in court.

Bill Bishop

Founder and Chairman
Blue Buffalo

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  • C van Niekerk May 7, 2014 at 11:37 AM

    I live in south Africa, and see purina on the shelves. BUt I only buy pet food hills for my two yorkies. It is sad that if not true that people can be so cruel to say bad things. i have never used blue buffalo, as I dont see it on our shelves, and have never bought. Purina either. it does put a caution sign on product, so I hope you will win your case if untrue

  • Kathy Van Barriger May 8, 2014 at 10:16 AM

    Growing up, our family thought Purina Dog chow was a name brand food and fed it to all our dogs. Most of them, a Shepherd mix, a purebred German Shepherd, and a Golden Retriever, all had allergy spots. When I got older and “into” showing/breeding dogs, and informed I needed to feed a better food, I started feeding Solid Gold, Triumph, and/or Wellness. I had a Border Terrier that after she finished her championship and retired at age 3, thought I could save money and put her on Purina One Lamb & Rice; instant allergy spot. Put her back on premium food and she lived another 12 years with never an allergy spot; NOT a coincidence. I would never feed Purina to a dog if it was the last food on the shelf… I have used Blue Buffalo for my dogs and cats; hope your evidence wins the day. At the very least, it is the pot calling the kettle black — what business does Purina have pointing the finger?

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