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The Canine Alliance thanks all who have joined since the first open meeting
that led to its formation in March. It is heartened by the fact that more and more
people clearly feel that they welcome a voice to represent them when dealing with
the Kennel Club and other official bodies. The Alliance looks forward to the day
when everyone who breeds and exhibits pedigree dogs will be a CA member and
have ensured that joining could not be easier. Simply go to the Canine Alliance
website at www.caninealliance.org, click on “join here” and follow the instructions.
Payment can be made via credit card, cheque or PayPal. The annual membership fee
is £10 with a special junior membership for those under the age of 16 at £5.

The Alliance is intent on pursuing how an acceptable arrangement can be arrived at so that all dogs shown at Kennel Club licensed shows, and all whose progeny are Kennel Club registered, have achieved an agreed level of health and
fitness as an absolute minimum. It also believes that the Kennel Club membership
should be more representative of the average breeder and competitor and aims to
look at ways in which this can be achieved.

It is imperative that all who believe in upholding the traditions of all our different breeds should join The Alliance and help it campaign for universally healthy pedigree dogs that can be exhibited without any discrimination, being
judged faithfully against the Kennel Club’s own breed standards.

Membership fees will be used to finance the promotion of the Alliance’s ideals, cover printing, advertising and presence at shows and related events. All
members will receive an enamel member’s badge. It should be pointed out that none of the officers or steering committee are drawing any expenses and are working for the Alliance in an entirely voluntary capacity.

Watch the canine press for details of planned regional meetings where members of the steering committee look forward to meeting everyone who is interested in the work of the Alliance.


Canine Alliance

Starhaven, Sundridge Road, Chevening, Sevenoaks Kent TN14 6HB

Phone: 01732 462216

E-Mail: caninealliance@me.com

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  • Peter Dawson April 12, 2012 at 3:44 PM

    I presume that the canine alliance, being an ethical organisation, will wish to congratulate the Kennel Club for at last taking measures to discourage the breeding of dogs with such genetic divergence from basic canine design that they must live lives of pain and discomfort. I presume that the canine alliance will understand that the Kennel Club must act in an expedient and affordable way to pursue this matter and that this will mean tackling the most obviously bad designs first, those generally acknowleged to cause the most suffering, so that something practical may be achieved without too much delay and bearing in mind that it should be no part of the canine alliance policy to protect the interests of those who are breeding dogs which will live with pain and discomfort. I am sure all members of the CA will wish this sort of dog breeding to cease as soon as possible.

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