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Canine Alliance


At a meeting of the steering committee of the CANINE ALLIANCE – Responsible for Pedigree Dogs – on 21st March 2012 the following mission statement was agreed: “The Canine Alliance was formed to represent everyone involved with pedigree dogs, and to negotiate when necessary with any related organisations in the interest of all breeds.

Its aims are to protect and support the well-being of pedigree dogs, to uphold the ethics of responsible dog breeding, to encourage health checking of all dogs and to allow the exhibition of pedigree dogs without bias or discrimination.

It pledges to be fair and totally transparent, always working for the benefit of pedigree dogs.”
The meeting agreed that the most appropriate structure for the Canine Alliance was to be a company limited by guarantee which is currently being set up.

The following officers were elected: Chairman – Martin Wyles; Vice-Chairman – Andrew Brace; Secretary – Robert Harlow.

The Alliance was encouraged by the reply from the Kennel Club, in response to the recommendations it made following the open meeting held the previous week, in which the Kennel Club invited two or three representatives to meet with Kathryn Symns and Caroline Kisko, an invitation that was immediately accepted.

In less than seven days, 948 supporters had donated generously, each of whom is to be granted 12 months membership.

New members are encouraged to join the Canine Alliance. The annual membership fee has been set at £10 with a junior membership (for those under 16) being available at £5.

Membership can be paid by visiting www.paypal.co.uk, using credit or debit card or PayPal transfer. Payment by this means should be made to membership@caninealliance.org. Cheques should be made payable to Canine Alliance Ltd and sent to: Canine Alliance Membership Secretary at 33 Stamford Road, Geddington, Northants NN14 1BB.

As secretary of the Canine Alliance, Robert Harlow said, “Obviously the Canine Alliance is delighted with the support it has received in its infancy from all those allied to pedigree dogs. We seek to achieve a level playing field and fairness for all concerned.”

The official Canine Alliance Facebook page is open to all.

21st March 2012

Canine Alliance
Starhaven, Sundridge Road, Chevening, Sevenoaks Kent TN14 6HB
Phone: 01732 462216
E-Mail: caninealliance@me.com

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  • Peter Dawson April 2, 2012 at 2:39 AM

    Despite assurances, the dog loving public will easily detect that the true purpose of the Canine Alliance is more likely to be a hostility towards inspection and change, and if that is true then this organisation will merely help hasten the demise of of some of these genetically challenged breeds. However, some good may come from this reality check if those breeders who have the time, ability and resources are now encouraged to breed for healthier designs. Anyway good luck to those who decide to take that approach – as for the rest, they will soon be consigned to the dustbin of history. The CA will serve only as their ‘last hurrah’.
    One feels sorry for those who see themselves as about to be losers in this battle, but one feels even more sorry for the innocent families being offered genetically defective puppies.

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