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Canine Partners Program and Good Sportsmanship

Since its debut in April 2010, the American Kennel Club’s Canine Partners Program has welcomed thousands of mixed-breed dogs and those of unknown pedigree to enter designated performance events throughout the country. Editor Susan Chaney reports on the program that lets non-pedigreed dogs compete in agility, obedience, rally and coursing ability events. Find out how the program has opened up the world of the AKC to a whole new audience, and meet some of the marvelous mutts that have titled in activities where every dog is given a chance to succeed.

In today’s Down and Back, Social Media Maven Pilar Kuhn provides a couple of examples of her fellow exhibitors’ good sportsmanship. The thoughtfulness she witnessed at a show recently reminded her that in order to be a good winner, it is first necessary to become a good loser. Find out how one Cattle Dog’s handler brought a smile to Pilar’s face, and learn how being supportive both in and out of the ring creates a lasting impression on spectators and competitors alike.

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Editor in Chief

Canine Partners Program Sees 30,000 Entries in Two Years

By Susan Chaney

Thousands of dogs of mixed-breed or unknown pedigree have entered American Kennel Club agility, obedience, rally and coursing ability events more than 30,000 times in the last two years as members of the Canine Partners.

Spayed or neutered mixed-breed dogs, purebred dogs that can’t be registered with the AKC or in its Foundation Stock Service and dogs not enrolled in its Purebred Alternative Listing can join the program, which was launched in April 2010. more

Best In Show Daily
Good Sportsmanship Is Lasting
By Pilar Kuhn
To be a good winner you first need to learn how to be a good loser.

This is the essence of good sportsmanship that we hear echoed at shows on a regular basis. Recently I witnessed some very touching examples of good-sportsmanship moments that made me smile and thankful to be part of a group of people who are supportive both in and out of the ring. 

While observing the Australian Cattle Dog ring one day in Arizona, it was obvious that friends and colleagues had worked together to build the entry. more

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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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