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A Greater Understanding

Readers of Best In Show Daily know that dogs make extraordinary companions. You’ve probably known this since you were a child and never needed any evidence to prove the fact. Recently, however, researchers have been examining the interaction between dogs and humans and discovered just how perceptive our pet partners really are. Senior Editor Christi McDonald reviews the PBS show, “Dogs Decoded,” and asks the fundamental question, “Do we understand what our dogs are ‘saying’ more often than we realize?” In DFR, Kayla Bertagnolli shares a conversation she had with a total stranger that gave her a greater appreciation for dog shows and great show dogs.

Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Best In Show Daily‘Dogs Decoded': A Greater Bond Than We Ever Imagined
By Christi McDonald

The February program at our kennel club meeting was a viewing of the PBS show, “Dogs Decoded.” Although an avid follower of research surrounding the canine-human bond, I had not seen this program. Now that I have, I want everyone who loves dogs to see it as well.

The show was released in 2010, and many of our readers have undoubtedly seen it. But if you haven’t, for a cost of $19.99, you can order the DVD from PBS. It will make a wonderful monthly program for your local club and a great DVD to share with dog friends. Based on a wide range of research performed worldwide, the program investigates scientific discoveries that help prove that not only are dogs highly intelligent creatures, they also possess a remarkable ability to read and respond to human emotion. more

Best In Show Daily

Introducing the Great Ones
By Kayla Bertagnolli

We dog show fanciers live in what essentially seems to be a “BIG world.” To everyone else, however, the idea of dog shows must seem very foreign. Some people who visit a dog show might get the wrong impression or be skeptical about some things that, to us, seem so normal.

On my way home from the 136th Westminster Kennel Club dog show, I met a very friendly woman on one of my flights. She learned that I was returning from the show and asked me all sorts of questions about dog shows in general. Of course, I was more than happy to share with her some of my experiences! more

Louisville, Here We Come!

By Christi McDonald

Everybody Loves Elvis

By Dan Sayers

All About Agility

By Angela Sutton and Natasha Gelfand

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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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