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Florida Finale, Day Three

If you read my Best In Show report on  yesterday’s Brevard County Kennel Club show here in Orlando, you know that some of our top dogs are shuttling between Orlando and Cleveland where there are four all breed shows competing with the big dance here in Florida. Both the Numbers One and Two Dogs All Breeds, the German Wirehaired Pointer, GCH CH Mt View’s Ripsnorter Silver Charm, and the English Springer Spaniel, GCH CH Wynmoor Champagne Supernova, were in Cleveland OH hoping to snag a BIS. However, the dog bringing the big rosette back to Orlando was the Harrier, GCH CH Downhome Hitech Innovator.

8:00 AM

GCH CH Blueridge Rocco

We are going to start our day here at the Central Florida Kennel Club show at Roger Hartinger’s Cane Corso ring. While most members of the public could not name this breed, everyone recognizes it as the three-headed dog, Fluffy, from the first Harry Potter movie. The Cane Corso is a guard dog and should be properly trained when young, but their owners assure me the reputation for aggressiveness is mere urban legend. Judge Hartinger had an impressive 24 entries today, and his Best of Breed was GCH CH Blueridge Rocco.

10:00 AM

GCH CH Nexus Total Eclipse

After a press briefing featuring a Hungarian Old English Sheepdog hat will be shown in the World Challenge by a Hungarian Olympic Gold Medalist, I hurried over to Dr. Gerard Penta’s ring to watch him go over 18 Clumber Spaniels. You may recall that the Clumber was the first breed to be stripped of its breed win after failing the anti-extreme dog breed rules. Today Dr. Penta’s Best of Breed was GCH CH Nexus Total Eclipse, who now has won three breeds in a row over fierce competition.

12 noon

GCH CH Smash JP Sakura

Diane Burvee’s ring was Poodle central with a total of 63 Poodles in the three varieties, with 20 Toys, 13 Miniatures and 30 Standards. Poodle handler extraordinaire Kazari Hosaka’s GCH CH Smash JP Sakura & GCH CH Surrey Sugar Baby took the Toy & Miniature varieties, while the Standard BOV went to GCH CH Dawin Hearts on Fire.

1:30 PM

GCH CH Dejavu I Want a Talk About Me

On our way to the Group ring, I stopped by June Penta’s ring where she had an entry of 47 Chinese Crested. Among her 47 entries were several dogs of the powderpuff variety, that is with hair, including one that had a whispered muzzle which I had not previously seen. Today’s breed winner was GCH CH Dejavu I  Want a Talk About Me.

I’m off to the Groups. You can read my BIS report on Dog Show Poop later this evening.

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Billy Wheeler has been attending dog shows as a spectator and exhibitor for over 40 years. Billy is the man behind the popular Dog Show Poop. He is a retired management consultant who has advised multiple organizations affiliated with the AKC and the Cat Fanciers Association on business management, long range planning, customer service, and legislative matters. After 25 years of living in the big cities of New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, he now resides in his hometown of Memphis TN with his wife, Brenda, her Toy Poodle and his Cairn, Scottie, & IG. When he is not blogging, Billy can be found in the kitchen cooking, and listening to opera.
  • Lynda Beam (Canine Candids by Lynda) December 14, 2012 at 10:37 AM

    they shouldn’t recognize this dog from the Harry Potter movie, because that dog is (I’m pretty sure) a Neapolitan Mastiff … related but not the same breed

    • Billy Wheeler
      Billy Wheeler December 14, 2012 at 7:22 PM

      Hagred, the gamekeeper, did have a normal Neapolitan Mastiff, with one head, but the three headed dog guarding the soccer’s stone was a Cane Corso.

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