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Going to Greeley

An Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I spent a good chunk of my childhood in the suburbs of Denver. The 1950s were a time of innocence (and ignorance) in the United States, and Denver was a perfect example of the era. Neat rows of newly built houses dotted a clean, crisp landscape. The air was still clean in Denver at that time, and every window offered magnificent views of mountains. My father was an avid fisherman and hunter, and we made frequent trips into the mountains. I saw my first grizzly and pronghorn antelope while in Colorado and caught my first trout in the cold, clear streams.

So it is with great anticipation that I resume my trek across America with a trip to Greeley, CO, next month for the Greeley Kennel Club’s two all-breed shows on August 17th & 18th. Greeley is 50 miles north of Denver in the high desert of Colorado and is the eastern gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a perfect environment for our sight hounds and, appropriately, the weekend will start on Thursday with the Rocky Mountain Hound Association of Colorado’s first of two limited-breed shows. On Friday the RMHAC will be joined by the Gordon Setter Club of America, the Irish Setter Club of Colorado, the Greater Denver Area Cocker Spaniel Club, the Spinone Club of America, the Columbine State Poodle Club & the Centennial Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Denver.

The all-breed action begins on Saturday and will include specialties hosted by the English Setter Club of Greater Denver, the Rocky Mountain Vizla Club, the Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Club & the Tibetan Terrier Club of America, and entries supported by the Spinone Club of America, the Rocky Mountain Akita Club, the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, the Skye Terrier Club of America & the American Belgian Tervuren Club. This means exhibitors will get a shot at better than 2,000 points on Saturday, and Colorado dog lovers will get to see everything from puppies to veterans in breeds rarely seen at local shows. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the Skye Terrier Puppy classes.

Sunday’s all-breed show will be nearly as big with the English Cocker Spaniel Fanciers of Greater Denver, and supported entries from the above English Setter, Spinone, Vizsla, Ridgeback, Akita, & Tibetan Terrier clubs and the Columbine Skye Terrier Club. Terriers, Toys & Non-Sporting Dogs (except Dalmatians) will be shown indoors, while most of the big guys will be shown outdoors. There’s lots of RV parking and plenty of vendors. Get your entries in to Onofrio Dog Shows by noon CDT on Wednesday, August 1st.

So join me in Greeley while I attempt to recapture my childhood and stay tuned for a look at how the entries are going. And that’s today’s Back Story.

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Billy Wheeler has been attending dog shows as a spectator and exhibitor for over 40 years. Billy is the man behind the popular Dog Show Poop. He is a retired management consultant who has advised multiple organizations affiliated with the AKC and the Cat Fanciers Association on business management, long range planning, customer service, and legislative matters. After 25 years of living in the big cities of New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, he now resides in his hometown of Memphis TN with his wife, Brenda, her Toy Poodle and his Cairn, Scottie, & IG. When he is not blogging, Billy can be found in the kitchen cooking, and listening to opera.