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In Memory of Lisa Pomerance

When you have lived with dogs for any amount of time you know that they, like their humans, develop of love for certain foods and certain toys. Fortunately for my friend Lisa Pomerance and her Papillon Remington it was the exact same toy. Hedgehogs filled their lives, and through Facebook, our lives.

Hedgehogs Filled Their Lives!

Their fun and joy in hunting the most unusual hedgehogs was infectious. The hedgehog was a perfect foil for Lisa. Hedgehogs are small, cute and captivating, so was Lisa. There wasn’t anything that she and Remington didn’t enjoy doing together and she shared it all with us, and like those adorable hedgehogs we smiled whenever we saw a picture of Remy being Remy. Lisa let me into her world and shared her love for Remington and I am a much better person because of it.

I don’t think that I totally understand the “Hedgie love” but I know that Lisa enjoyed the hunt. Finding the right Hedgie toy that was the perfect size (ok, Remy loved his Hedgies big, medium or small) the right color (Lisa helped me find a camouflage Hedgie for my Toller puppy), the toy that made the best noise and had the right amount of fake fur. The hunt did not there, it went into the right Hedgie sweater/shirt for Remy, the pillow or dog be that was covered in Hedgie print and of course Hedgie photos.

Lisa’s Smile was Infectious!

Whenever I was able to spend time with Lisa I was brought into her world. We shared the passion of obedience, rally and agility. Lisa always made me smile. Her smile and her laugh were infectious. She could easily find the “happy side” of those not so glorious agility runs or the new fail in the obedience ring. She enjoyed the company of all kinds of people and dogs and she brought that love and attention to detail in her many photos.

Lisa also wanted to make the perfect performance events for her little Prince. We had been working together off and on for the past few years trying to get our regional Papillon club to add obedience and rally to our regional specialty. We finally had the go ahead for this year. We had so many plans and ideas. It seems impossible to go on with our plans without her. She had such energy and passion and worked hard to carry them out.

What I will carry away with me is the fact that Lisa loved her Prince Remy and she wasn’t ashamed to show it. He is a totally and perfectly spoiled prince. However, Lisa loved Remy enough to teach him about being a good dog. He had such wonderful manners and was a real representative of the Papillon breed, small, funny and highly trainable. Remy can track, he can run agility (even designing his own courses), and was working on his AKC Utility title. Lisa was always reminding me that this life with dogs was fun, fun, fun.


Just like Remy loved his Hedgies, I loved Lisa. She never failed to make me smile and all I want to do now is bring her home and know she is safe. I’m going to miss you Lisa. Thank you for sharing your life and Prince Remy with me. Travel safe and one day Remy will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. In the meantime keep hunting for that perfect Hedgehog.

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  • Judy McLeod April 21, 2014 at 1:23 PM

    Well said. She will be missed by many.

  • D. Chester April 22, 2014 at 10:45 AM

    Lisa was one of a kind and will be greatly missed by me and my dogs. Most of the weekends in which Lisa or I were not entered in a trial we would meet up at the beach and let the dogs run and play in the surf. Remi loves the beach but not the ocean so much :) My cairns, taught him how to dig like a terrier. And of course the dogs would stop and put up with our insistence that a posed photo must be taken. From the beach it would be off to lunch. At one cafe we frequented the entire wait staff knew Lisa and Remington and would bring out a high chair for him. Upon which he would sit wrapped in his plush blanket and supervise the meal. The cairns and our other friends setters would make due with lying under the table..but not Remington. Lisa always had the best treats and my dogs adored her. This could be challenging at times when she would come into obedience class and my dogs were working. Greeting Lisa worked very well as a high value reward. And on those days when Lisa did not bring “Turkey Crack” to class Remmington would occasionally blow past Lisa and come to one of us…as he knew we were carrying the better paycheck :)
    Beyond dog events, Lisa was a good friend all ways supportive in difficult times. I can not tell you how many times she’d call me to pick her up when that Sherman tank of a truck she drove broke down. We were so happy when she finally broke down and bought the “Royal Blueberry” I reasoned with her that the amount of money she would save on gas would cover her car payment alone :) Lisa had difficult times in her life but instead of being bitter she found joy.
    Our lives will be much dimmer without. Exercise Finished, Lisa! Job well done!

    • Cathy Kaiser
      Cathy Kaiser April 23, 2014 at 5:23 PM

      Thank you so much for sharing your memories. You brought me right back to tears. <3

  • Donna Gorman April 22, 2014 at 11:27 AM

    That was a sweet tribute, thank you!

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