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Insect Stings, plus a ‘Fun’ Fun Match

Two incidents in California this summer involving dogs and bee stings highlighted the need for dog owners to recognize the signs of anaphylactic shock. In her interview with an emergency care veterinarian, Editor Susan Chaney learns how dogs can react to insect stings and spider bites. Find out when it’s best just to keep an eye on your dog and when a trip to the veterinary hospital is needed.

DFR Blogger Kayla Bertagnolli was in Idaho Falls, Idaho, recently judging a fun match where the emphasis was on the fun. Although several of the dogs and handlers made a good impression on Kayla, the real star was the event itself. Learn how one community had a great time celebrating the world of purebred dogs.

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Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Making Fun Matches FUN Again!
By Kayla Bertagnolli

This past Sunday, my mom and I set out for Tautphaus Park in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to attend an AKC B match, held by the Eagle Rock Kennel Club. I’d been asked to judge puppy and adult conformation, as well as Junior Showmanship and Adult Handling for exhibitors 18 and older. It was to be a day of celebrating dogs and welcoming the public to the world of purebred dogs, full of events and activities for everyone. more

Insect Stings: When to Get Vet Care
By Susan Chaney

It’s been a tough summer for dogs coming into contact with bees, and it’s only August.

Two recent incidents in California remind us that being able to recognize the signs of possible anaphylactic shock can make the difference between life and death for dogs stung by insects. more

Where the Dogs Are

By Billy Wheeler

Comical Canine Olympians

By Kayla Bertagnolli

Monday Morning Mop up

By Billy Wheeler

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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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