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KC reveals breed judges for Crufts 2015

THE BREED judges at Crufts 2015 have been announced by the Kennel Club.

They are:

HOUND: Afghan Hounds (D) Espen Engh (Norway); Afghan Hound (B) Susan Rhodes; Basenji Dr Ron James; Basset Fauve de Bretagme Rod Price; Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) Jan Pain; Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) Renaud Buche (France); Basset Hound Malcolm Ellrich; Beagle Christine Lewis; Bloodhound Sue Emrys-Jones; Borzoi Joy Mahoney; L/h Dachshund Marianne Nixon; Min L/h Dachshund Jeff Horswell; S/h Dachshund Jane Naylor; Min S/h Dachshund Andrea Callow; W/h Dachshund Val Foss; Min W/h Dachshund, Helen Caple; Deerhound Per Iversen (Norway); Finnish Spitz Zena Thorn-Andrews; Foxhound Dr Ron James; Greyhound Jenny Dove; Hamiltonstovare Jenny Dove; Ibizan Hound Paul Singleton; Irish Wolfhound Goran Bodegard (Sweden); Norwegian Elkhound Michael Quinney; Otterhound Linda Worthy; Pharaoh Hound Jenny Startup; Portuguese Podengo (Warren Hound) Zena Thorn-Andrews; Rhodesian Ridgeback Gill Lawless; Saluki Keith Thornton; Sloughi Pam Catchpole; Whippet (D) Molly Head; Whippet (B) Bitte Ahrens (Italy).

GUNDOG: Bracco Italiano (TBA); Brittany Tricia Grime; English Setter Linda Harris; German Shorthaired Pointer Jenny Jennings; German Longhaired Pointer Di Hammond; German Wirehaired Pointer Norma Ellis; Gordon Setters Patsy Hollings; Hungarian Vizsla Stephen Hollings; Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Doreen Smillie; Irish Red and White Setter Julia Iles-Hebbert; Irish Setter (D) Gillian Barker-Bell; Irish Setter (B) Sandra Chorley-Newton; Italian Spinone Dr Ron James; Large Munsterlander Val Foss; Pointer Mick Howes; Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Margaret Woods; Curly Coated Retriever Daphne Bailey; Flat Coated Retriever (D) Jenny Donnelly; Flat Coated Retriever (B) Sandra Stevenson; Golden Retriever (D) Sandra Birkin-Green; Golden Retriever (B) Paula Edwards; Labrador (D) Linda Sutcliffe; Labrador (B) Marily Prior; Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Babs Harding; American Cocker Spaniel Marta Graham; Clumber Spaniel Gina Bowers; Cocker Spaniel (D) Philip Young; Cocker Spaniel (B) Mike Masters; English Springer Spaniel Frank Kane; Field Spaniel Mike Herwin; Irish Water Spaniel Zena Thorn-Andrews; Sussex Spaniel Sarah Sevastopulo; Spanish Water Dog Zena Thorn-Andrews; Welsh Springer Spaniel Hazel Leary; Weimaraner Pam Blay.

TERRIER: Airedale Don Munro; Australian Lesley Crawley; Bedlington Yvonne Greenland; Border Elspeth Jackson; Bull Maureen Hughes; Miniature Bull Sherril Goodwin; Cairn Alan Felters; Cesky Bill Browne-Cole; Dandie Dinmont Ann Harpwood; Smooth Fox Lynn Snow; Wire Fox Lynn Snow; Glen of Imaal Jane Withers; Irish Ann Bradley; Kerry Blue Shaun Watson; Lakeland Nicky Patterson; Manchester Mick Oxley; Norfolk Renee Sporre-Willes (Sweden); Norwich Dorothy Dorkins; Parson Russell Alan Small; Scottish Geoff Corish; Sealyham Ken Bartlett; Skye Kirsi Sainio (Finland); Soft Coated Wheaten Bob Ross; Stafford (D) Audrey Hubery; Stafford (B) Jim Devine; Welsh Norina Evans; West Highland White Dan Ericsson (Sweden).

UTILITY: Akita Lorraine Webb; Boston Terrier Albert Wight; Bulldog Bill Roberts; Canaan Dog Chris Quantrill; Chow Chow Roy Stafford; Dalmatian Dr John Stevenson; Eurasier (TBA); French Bulldog Graham Godfrey; German Spitz (Mittel) (TBA); German Spitz (Klein) Molly Hunter; Japanese Akita Inu Nicola Duffield; Shiba Inu Helen Burke; Japanese Spitz Margaret Craig-Woodward; Keeshond David Matthews; Kooikerhondje Sheila Rees; Lhasa Apso June Smith; Miniature Schnauzer Carol Daniels; Miniature Poodle Dorothy Dixon; Standard Poodle Michael Coad; Toy Poodle Nona Catterall; Schipperke Linda Wilson; Schnauzer Frank Kane; Shar-Pei Mary Deats; Shih Tzu Vicky Grugan; Tibetan Spaniel Geoff Corish; Tibetan Terrier Gillian Marley.

WORKING: Alaskan Malamute Chris John; Bernese Mountain Dog Mandy Hearne; Bouvier des Flandres Val Foss; Boxer Sandra Parle; Bullmastiff Mary Jones; Canadian Eskimo Dog David Cavill; Dobermann Lynn Glass; Dogue de Bordeaux Carol Cavanagh; German Pinscher Val Foss; Giant Schnauzer Caroline Wareing; Great Dane Jeff Luscott; Greenland Dog David Cavill; Hovawart John Sharpe; Leonberger Albert Wight; Mastiff Pam Jeans-Brown; Neapolitan Mastiff Pam Jeans-Brown; Newfoundland Gill Barker; Portuguese Water Dog Ben Reynolds-Frost; Rottweiler (D) Norma Window; Rottweiler (B) (TBA); Russian Black Terrier Maureen Smith; St Bernard Frank Kane; Siberian Husky Lisa Tebay; Tibetan Mastiff (TBA).

PASTORAL: Anatolian Shepherd Dog Derek Smith; Australian Cattle Dog Zena Thorn-Andrews; Australian Shepherd Meg Purnell-Carpenter; Bearded Collie (D) Wendy Hines; Bearded Collie (B) Joy Crowther; Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) Linda Collins; Lakenois Mo Glenton; Malinois Stuart Mallard; Tervueren Stuart Mallard; Border Collie (D) Jo Ratcliffe; Border Collie (B) Juliet Mockford; Briard Anne Webb; Catalan Sheepdog Derek Smith; Rough Collie (D) Gwen Beaden; Rough Collie (b) Mrs B Cooney; Smooth Collie Mr G Duffield; Estrela Mountain Dog Jeff Horswell; Finnish Lapphund Sue Dunger; German Shepherd Dog Wayne Vessey; Hungarian Kuvasz Jef Horswell; Hungarian Puli Barrie Croft; Komondor Jeff Horswell; Lancashire Heeler Barry Allison; Maremma Sheepdog Renee Sporre-Willes (Sweden); Norwegian Buhund Zena Thorn-Andrews; Old English Sheepdog Della Oakes; Polish Lowland Sheepdog Mike Furzland; Pyrenean Mountain Dog Toni Jackson; Pyrenean Sheepdog Renee Sporre-Willes (Sweden); Samoyed Jim Hamilton; Shetland Sheepdog (D) Denise Rowan; Shetland Sheepdog (B) Gill Partridge; Swedish Vallhund Chris Millard; Turkish Kangal Dog Derek Smith; Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Alison Benson; Pembroke John Burgess (Australia).

TOY: Affenpinscher Stuart Band; Australian Silky John Burgess (Australia); Bichon Frise Dawn Russell; Bolognese Greta Franklin; Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (D) Ruth Mochrie; Cavalier (B) Pauline Sidgwick; L/c Chihuahua Julie Sparrow; S/c Chihuahua Beverley Sutton; Chinese Crested Julie Hancock; Coton de Tulear Renee Sporre-Willes (Sweden); English Toy Terrier Annette Oliver; Griffon Bruxellois David Guy; Havanese (TBA); Italian Greyhound Per Iversen (Norway); Japanese Chin Ellen Willis; King Charles Spaniel Jenny Stone; Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Anne Smith; Maltese Sarah Jackson; Miniature Pinscher Peter Jolley; Papillon Roger Chaston; Pekingese Helen Forsythe; Pomeranian Astrid Ogilvie; Pug Nigel Marsh; Yorkshire Terrier Susan Chiswell.

As reported previously, former KC chairman Ronnie Irving is to judge best in show at Crufts 2015 and the group judges will be: hounds, Carla Molinari of the Vale Negro kennel in Portugal, known for Afghans, Salukis, Podengos and Portuguese Water Dogs among other breeds; gundogs, Chris Atkinson of the Segantii Irish setters and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers; terriers: Martin Phillips of the Jaeva Norfolk, Norwich, Cairn and Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers and other breeds; utility: former Crufts BIS-judge Zena Thorn-Andrews, all-breed judge with the Drakesleat Miniature Wire Dachshunds and Irish Wolfhounds; working: Bob Gregory of the Spotarton Dalmatians; pastoral: Vic Salt of the Woodlyn Belgian Shepherd Dogs; and toy: Stephen Bardwell of the Stewell Yorkshire Terriers and Griffons.

The Obedience Championships will be judged by Sandra Gordon, the Obedience World Cup by Kathy Russell, Agility Championships by Amanda Rodgers, agility Alan Bray and Lee Gibson, and Breeders Competition by Steve Hall.

Heelwork to music Ms G Pink (first judge), second judge TBA; third judge Ms C Moser (Switzerland); Young Kennel Club stakes Jack Bispham, imported register Espen Engh (Norway); and Pets As Therapy stakes final Mark Cocozza.

The judges for flyball, inter-regional obedience, international junior handling competition, new obedience competition and gamekeepers’ classes are not known yet.
- See more at: http://www.dogworld.co.uk/product.php/111057/1/kc_reveals_breed_judges_for_crufts_2015/b745e09a3c4747b0436c66bdd96bc0b6#sthash.XHHosDqZ.dpuf

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