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What Becomes a Legend Most?

Today’s Best In Show Daily honors the lives of two extraordinary Terriers in Senior Editor Christi McDonald’s, “Legends Lost: Two Extraordinary Brits Laid to Rest.” Christi also pays tribute to a legendary Pekingese as she takes a look at the top Best-in-Show-winning Toy of all time, Eng. Am. Ch. Yakee If Only. And the breed whose unique physical characteristics are the stuff of legend, the Norwegian Lundehund, is introduced as it prepares for its Westminster debut.

Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Best In Show Daily

Legends Lost: Two Extraordinary Brits Laid to Rest

By Christi McDonald

The purebred dog world lost two of its brightest stars, both imports from the United Kingdom, when, in late October and early November 2011, the Kerry Blue Terrier, Eng. Am. Ch. Torum’s Scarf Michael, and the Norfolk Terrier bitch, Eng. Am. Ch. Cracknor Cause Celebre, died just a week apart.

“Mick is a retired elite athlete whose libidinous talents were once so coveted that well-bred ovulating females flew to his crib near Sacramento in the fervent hope that their assignations would make them pregnant.” more

Best In Show Daily

Best In Show Daily The Top Best-in-Show-Winning Toy of All Time
By Christi McDonald
For many, many years the Best In Show record in the Toy Group was held by the legendary Pekingese CH Chik T’Sun of Caversham, shown to 126 BIS wins in the 1950s and early 1960s by the equally legendary handler Clara Alford.
But in recent years another individual has rightfully become a modern legend in the Pekingese world: David Fitzpatrick, professional handler and himself a Peke breeder, has won the Pekingese Club of America more than 20 times, has won five Toy Groups at Westminster, and has handled numerous Pekingese to Top Toy in the U.S. more

Best In Show Daily

Norwegian Lundehund Means ‘Puffin Dog’

By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

Kept for centuries as a bird-hunting dog on the tiny, isolated Norwegian island of Vaeroy, north of the Arctic Circle, the five Norwegian Lundehunds entered at Westminster next week will show the judge and spectators what a breed with unusual characteristics really looks like.

With a minimum of six functioning toes on each foot and a neck that can turn 180 degrees on either side and bend back to touch its spine, the Lundehund developed naturally without human guidance..more

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Dog Show Poop
The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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