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Mushing In Alaska and Matchups to Watch

“No sane person visits Alaska in early March unless forced to by a business or family obligation.” In My Favorite Things, editor Susan Chaney tells Best In Show Daily readers how she really feels about traveling to The Last Frontier to experience sub-zero temperatures. Find out how this native Southern Californian survived the winter weather, and meet some of the Alaskan Huskies that took her for a wild ride and introduced her to the musher’s way of life.

Master Blogger Billy Wheeler introduces you to some of the competitors who are battling it out in this year’s breed rings. Getting into the rankings – and staying there – always begins with a breed win. Today, Billy brings you a few of the breed matchups he’s been watching closely.

Best In Show Daily welcomes news and information from breed specialists. We invite you to share your knowledge with our readers – among the most active participants in the dog game. If you’ve written an article you’d like to see published on Best In Show Daily or would like to pen one, please email me at dan@bestinshowdaily.

Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

My Favorite Things: Mushing in Alaska
By Susan Chaney

No sane person visits Alaska in early March unless forced to by a business or family obligation. Nonetheless, I did just that a few years ago, making the trip to Fairbanks, not for business or family, but just for fun. And, oh, what fun those 14-degrees-below – yes, I said below – days were.

If you’re from North Dakota or Wisconsin or even the East Coast, you’ve had plenty of experience with cold weather. Not me. I’m a native Southern Californian, who thinks cold is anything under 60.

But when you’re geared up, figuratively and literally, for 14 below, you might as well take in the local activities, right? more

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Best In Show DailyMatchups to Watch
By Billy Wheeler

Three months into the show year and some interesting breed matchups have started to develop. The most interesting races are in two groups, Toys and Herding. Now I am talking all-breed points here. I will go out on a limb and say that in most instances I am not a fan of breed points. There are breeds, such as Golden Retrievers, Dobermans and Australian Shepherds, where there are substantial entries at every show, but in too many breeds a win at the National Specialty decides who will be the leader all year in breed points. As prestigious as a National Specialty win is, it is the opinion of one judge. Here are six breeds where I find the competition exceedingly interesting. more

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Dog Show Poop
The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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