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Old English Sheepdog Wins World Dog Show 2013

The 2013 World Dog Show concluded yesterday in Budapest, Hungary, with the awarding of Best in Show by Dr. Tamás Jakkel to Old English Sheepdog Multi-Ch. Bottom Shaker My Secret, bred by Dr. István Szetmár, owned by József Koroknai and handled by Zsolt Hano.

Old English Sheepdog Bottom Shaker My Secret, owned by József Koroknai of Hungary, was Best in Show under judge Dr. Tamás Jakkel. All photos by Karl Donvil.

Old English Sheepdog Bottom Shaker My Secret, owned by József Koroknai of Hungary, was Best in Show under judge Dr. Tamás Jakkel. All photos by Karl Donvil.

A press conference was held at the Hungexpo with new FCI President Rafael de Santiago of Puerto Rico presiding. Mr. Santiago greeted the press and thanked Mr. András Korózs of the Hungarian Kennel Club for the excellent organization and hospitality extended to visitors and exhibitors at the four-day event. Mr. Korózs acknowledged his “little kennel club” with pride for having succeeded in hosting a World Dog Show.

Reserve Best in Show was awarded to Lhasa Apso Choix Cleopatra Eurydice, owned by Sanna Kopola-Hirsimaki of Finland.

Reserve Best in Show was awarded to Lhasa Apso Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice, owned by Sanna Kopola-Hirsimaki of Finland.

Budapest last hosted the World Dog Show in 1996, and this year the capital city welcomed more than 17,000 dogs of no fewer than 350 recognized breeds and varieties.

Wire Fox Terrier Travella Starlord was selected 3rd place Best in Show for owner Victor Malzoni Jr. of Brazil.

Wire Fox Terrier Travella Starlord was selected 3rd place Best in Show for owner Victor Malzoni Jr. of Brazil.

A representative of the Finnish Kennel Club also spoke to introduce next year’s World Dog Show that will be held in Helsinki in August. The event promises to be a special one with programs planned to help celebrate the 125th anniversary of the nation’s kennel club.

The Russian-owned Smooth Dachshund Formula Uspeha Colibri, owned by I. Yu. Hapaeva, was awarded 4th place in the Best in Show finale.

The Russian-owned Rabbit Smooth Dachshund Formula Uspeha Colibri, owned by Irina Hapaeva, was awarded 4th place in the Best in Show finale.

With three Groups, the International Junior Competition and Best Junior in Show, the flag ceremony and Best in Show on term, Sunday promised to be a long one. The evening’s judging started at 3 p.m. and didn’t end until 9 p.m.

The weather was excellent again, and a crowd soon turned up between the pavilions. It was very cozy and looked more like a marketplace than a dog show as most of the dogs were inside. Notwithstanding the warmth, up to 32 degrees C (or 89 degrees Fahrenheit), it was very bearable due a wind that was providing air conditioning in the halls. A group of folkloristic dancers gave performances outside and later on in the main ring, and many exhibitors sat outside with their dogs to have a cigarette or just to enjoy some sunlight instead of staying in the halls all the time. Next to the halls was a huge parking lot belonging to the horse racetrack with enough to park between 2,500 and 3,000 cars. The motor homes were parked closer, and the kennel club had arranged special spots were handlers could wash their dogs.

The trade stand holders who rented a place inside the halls were finally happy. For them, it started rather slowly, but Saturday and Sunday gave them a good turnover at the end. The nice weather may have had a reverse effect for them as in Hall G, where they were situated, the climate inside was good enough to have a walk around if you were looking for some shelter for a while.

Important to say is that the venue was kept clean, inside as well as out. This was mostly accomplished by the dog owners themselves, which surely left a good impression, among both local and foreign visitors, for responsible dog ownership.

We had a big Group 1, the Herding dogs, and two smaller ones, Group 8, the Retrievers and Waterdogs and Group 10, the Sighthounds.

High numbers were to be found with 241 Labradors and 271 Golden Retrievers competing for the titles. The number of English Cockers was impressive with 199 dogs and also the American variety that counted 143 dogs. The Whippets were on top in the Sighthound Group with 163, more than the popular Afghan Hound with 126 competing dogs. I was very surprised about the high number of entries in the Piccolo Levriero Italiano (Italian Greyhound) with no fewer than 119 entries. No surprises in the Herding Group where the popularity of the Border Collie, Rough Collie and Australian Shepherd are representative of the worldwide popularity of these breeds. They were respectively represented with 151, 131 and 148 entries. The Swiss White Shepherd Dog is the new rising star in this Group and had 125 dogs in the ring.

Sunday was the day of a lot of Hungarian Breeds, as Hungary is a country of shepherds, the country of the Poesta, and the national breeds seem to be very popular here. Everybody knows the Komondor, the large dreadlock dog. There were 65 of them at this show. The Kuvasz is a smart breed, large too, but with curly white hair. Seventy-six specimens would be enough to give you a good idea of what they look like. The Mudi is a small herding dog, usually solid black and apparently very loved as 123 specimens is a nice number. The Puli is the small dreadlock dog that comes in three colors – black, white, and matt and grey – with 149 defending their national colors here. The little clown of the family is the Pumi, similar to the Puli, and a smart and quick learning dog. There were 125 of them raising their funny ears when paying attention.

Hungary has a fine sighthound, the Magyar Agar, a more sturdy version of the Greyhound and a Poesta hunter. There were 68 of them.

There are no really rare breeds to mention, except maybe for the Bouvier des Ardennes, a reconstructed Belgian breed, a Wetterhoun and a Deutscher Wachtelhund. The Barbet is maybe not very well-known in the States, but this breed is the very old one and the basis of the modern Poodle which, in fact, is a waterdog. In France, the Poodle is called “Caniche,” and a duck is called “Canard.”

The ceremonial part of the show was kept very sober. Except for the aforementioned folkloristic group of dancers, there was no glamour involved for the finals and there is, in fact, no need for it. Although I have to admit that I have seen some nice things on previous editions and it is always a welcome extra and a surprise.

And that brought us more quickly to what was really important, the BIS judging. It was Dr. Tamás Jakkel who was granted the honor of making the final choice. Dr. Jakkel has judged all over the world and has a very long experience in cynology. He is also a member of the FCI Board of Directors. He finally picked out four dogs to be placed: the Smooth Dachshund came in 4th place, the Wire Fox Terrier was 3rd, his runner-up to BIS was the Lhasa Apso, and BIS went to the impressive Old English Sheepdog.

Karl Donvil lives in Belgium, where he is a freelance photographer and reporter specializing in dogs. He founded the World Dog Press Association in 2001 and is the current CEO. He is a member of the editorial board of the FCI newsletter and covers shows throughout Europe, including Crufts and the World Dog Show.

Main Ring Results – World Dog Show 2013
Sunday, May 19, 2013

_KD80345Group 1 – Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs
Judge Rafael de Santiago, Puerto Rico
1st: Old English Sheepdog Bottom Shaker My Secret, owned by József Koroknai, Hungary
2nd: Australian Shepherd Energies Paparazzi Energie Des Costys Du Tomberg, owned by Viktoria Patzold
3rd: Puli (Black) Bubbleton Feel The Spirit, owned by Jesper Javn
4th: Polish Lowland Sheepdog Fiakier Prolog Poland, owned by Beata Klawinska

Junior Group 1 – Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs
Judge Péter Harsányi, Hungary
1st: Australian Shepherd Heart’s Choice of Crystal Lake, owned by Sylvie Gailliaert
2nd: Cardigan Welsh Corgi Solis Catch Me If You Can, owned by Iris Sablery
3rd: White Swiss Shepherd Dog Du Bois Des Ternes, owned by Touretta and Touretta
4th: Bouvier des Flandres Family Flight Domino Effect, owned by I. Mescheriakova

Group 8 – Retrievers, Flushing Dogs and Water Dogs
Judge Carla Molinari, Portugal
1st: Labrador Retriever Loch Mor Romeo, owned by Franco Barberi, Italy
2nd: Clumber Spaniel Big Boom’s Banditos Rex, owned by Lana Levai
3rd: American Cocker Spaniel PBJ’s Back in Back, owned by Lotte Michael Kristensen
4th: Portuguese Water Dog Laila Erlandsen, owned by Runi Kristiansen

_KD80526Junior Group 8 – Retrievers, Flushing Dogs and Water Dogs
Judge Miguel Attila Czeglédi, Hungary
1st: English Springer Spaniel Mary Poppins De Sao Barao, owned by Teresa Soares and Antonio Soares, Portugal
2nd: American Cocker Spaniel Galaksi This Is Me, owned by Lotte Michael Kristensen
3rd: Spanish Water Dog Rayaragua Billabong, owned by Viktoria Kyselova
4th: Flat-Coated Retriever Almanza Queen Of Halloween, owned by Ragnhild Ulin

Group 10 – Sighthounds
Judge Kenneth Edh, Sweden
1st: Azawakh Azamour Wahid, owned by Jari-Pekka Kahelin and Jussi Lindholm, Finland
2nd: Italian Greyhound Grisabella Du Domaine De Chanteloup, owned by Fabiennejean Laveyssiere
3rd: Saluki Del Borghino Oscardelarenta, owned by Leonardo Galliano, Italy
4th: Afghan Hound Way Up Enuff’Z Enuff, owned by Lara Rigato, Italy

Junior Group 10 – Sighthounds
Judge Revaz Khomasuridze, Russia
1st: Borzoi, Solovyev Talisman Gran Vencedor, owned by Andrey Klishas
2nd: Scottish Deerhound Fortheringhay’s Faerwald Fable, owned by Cristina Wueger
3rd: Whippet Ariel Almirs Family, owned by Zuzana Augustiniova
4th: Azawakh Tombouktou’s Ghimbala At Kel Albufera, owned by Elisa Boscolo Pela

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