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Public Service Announcements and Breeder Referrals

“The challenge of educating the general public about all of the positive things that AKC and its affiliated breeders do is one the sport has faced for many years.” So writes Senior Editor Christi McDonald in her report on the AKC’s efforts to reach out to dog lovers across the country. Through public service announcements distributed to more than 4,000 radio stations nationwide, the fancy’s collective efforts to rescue dogs in need and to fund research for the prevention, treatment and cure of canine diseases are being promoted. Find out which familiar voice is delivering the message, and learn how you can help spread the word in your local community.

In today’s Down and Back, Social Media Maven Pilar Kuhn explores the message: “Buy a puppy from a responsible breeder.” Promoting our breeds and finding great homes for our puppies are goals we all share, and a well-connected network of enthusiasts is the best way for families to find their future four-legged friends. Read how “breeder referral” means sticking together in the best interests of our breeds.

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I’ll be in Salisbury, Maryland this Friday for The Poodle Club of America’s 80th National Specialty. I hope to see you there!

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Willie Nelson Lends Voice to Support American Kennel Club

By Christi McDonald

Fanciers who breed and show dogs for AKC conformation dog shows know that over the past decade their motives, and sometimes their morality, have been brought into question. The animal rights extremists have created an effective campaign that paints even the most responsible hobby breeders as egomaniacs who breed unhealthy dogs that take homes away from and food out of the mouths of dogs in shelters every day.

Although almost exclusively fabricated, these accusations are difficult to fight. The health issues that face purebred dogs are largely genetic, and AKC’s owners, breeders and clubs continually contribute untold amounts of money to research into the causes and cures for canine disorders. more

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Breeder Referral: Supportive Network Helps Everyone
By Pilar Kuhn
“Buy a puppy from a responsible breeder.” For those of us who breed even an occasional litter, this message is shared with organizations such as the AKC and the Westminster Kennel Club. Together, we encourage the general public to attend their local all-breed dog shows and meet the people who love their respective breeds and are eager to share information with interested parties.
My husband Rod and I were recently in Sacramento for the all-breed shows, and the general public showed up in great numbers. Walking around the rings and amongst the vendors, it felt like a smaller scale AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. more
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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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