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Raleigh Kennel Club Gives Back, plus the Terrier Super Bowl

Prior to the judging of Best in Show at the Raleigh Kennel Club show on Sunday, September 2, 2012, club president Pat Babuin and treasurer Bill Pfieffer presented three local organizations with checks on behalf of the club. Senior Editor Christi McDonald introduces the groups that can continue to serve their neighbors thanks in part to the generosity of one community of purebred dog fanciers.

Blogger-in-Chief Billy Wheeler is looking forward to his trip to southeastern Pennsylvania next month. He’ll be in the Philadelphia suburb of Blue Bell to attend the Montgomery County Kennel Club’s 78th annual celebration of all things Terrier. Find out why visitors from around the world make a pilgrimage every year to the show Billy’s calling the Terrier Super Bowl.

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The Terrier Super Bowl
By Billy Wheeler

I am a Terrier owner. That admission is part boast, part confession. I and my dogs resist house breaking and will sulk for days if spoken to harshly. We are suspicious of strangers and loathe all forms of vermin. We also tend to be a little argumentative. The late Anne Rogers Clark once said, “You always know where the Scotties are in the show hall. They’re the ones using the bad language.” However, we are loyal to a fault and are the ones to have on your side in a fight. Terrier people have many idiosyncrasies other than a penchant for tweed and comfortable shoes. Among the best is the annual Montgomery County Kennel Club show dedicated to Terriers in Blue Bell PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. more

Raleigh Kennel Club Gives Back
By Christi McDonald

Before Best in Show judging at the Raleigh Kennel Club show on Sunday, Sept. 2, 2012, club president Pat Babuin, accompanied by treasurer Bill Pfeiffer, made three presentations to local organizations on behalf of the club.

The first, a check for $1,000, was presented to the North Carolina Canine Emergency Response Team, an all-volunteer group of search and rescue professionals who work with law enforcement and emergency management agencies, as well as fire departments and other agencies, to help locate people in natural or manmade disasters, drownings or other situations where a person is missing. more

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