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Satisfying the Urge to Herd and Exercising with Dogs

Throughout the U.S., many herding dogs are given the opportunity to satisfy their urge to herd by competing in a variety of tests and trials. Editor Susan Chaney introduces readers to some of the rules and regulations for the herding programs sponsored by the American Kennel Club, the American Herding Breed Association and the Australian Shepherd Club of America. Learn about the livestock used for these competitive and noncompetitive events, and discover the list of breeds and mixed-breeds that may be entered in programs designed to recognize a dog’s real working ability.

People often exercise with their dogs, and Social Media Maven Pilar Kuhn is no exception. She likes to involve her pair of Bouviers whenever she hops on the treadmill or pops in a DVD. At-home workouts take on an entirely new meaning, however, as the dogs perform a very specific task as part of our blogger’s cool-down..

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Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Satisfying the Urge to Herd
By Susan Chaney

All those herding breeds, sitting on couches, trotting around backyards, trying, whenever possible, to exercise their innermost desire – the urge to herd.

Your own herders might only get the opportunity to satisfy that urge when children visit or a gaggle of geese goes off course into your neighborhood. But all over the country many herding dogs get to sate their most basic instinct by design. Some do it for work, but most do it for fun and titles. more

Exercising with Dogs

By Pilar Kuhn

One of the reasons I got a Bouvier many years ago was to have a great jogging partner that would intimidate strangers and give me a sense of security.

Lately I’ve spent more time indoors on the treadmill in order to fit workouts in between work assignments from home. I have also enjoyed the well-advertised P90X workouts in front of our TV set in our living room.

The Bouviers love it when I work out at home. more

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By Billy Wheeler

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By Kayla Bertagnolli

Out of the Gate

By Pilar Kuhn

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